2 Studies Proving The Effectiveness of Ecigarettes

Since E-cigarettes first appeared on the market a few years ago, the medical world has rushed to evaluate the health properties of these products, especially as they become more and more popular.

These days, it is estimated that between 2,000 and 10,000 Electronic cigarettes are sold to consumers each and every week, which clearly shows that there is a significant switch between the use and sale of real cigarettes, and the use and sale of artificial, electronic ones.

If you have been slightly concerned by the lack of disclosure around these products, read on. Additionally, if you simply want to know whether or not the electronic cigarette is a healthier option, we have two studies for you to review which point towards them being healthy, effective, and far cheaper.
Study One: Dr. Murray Laugesen – New Zealand

One of the key studies used by E-cig manufacturers to show that the products are indeed safe is the study done in New Zealand in 2008. This study was lead by Dr. Murray Laugesen – and it aimed to put to rest the constant bickering over whether or E-cigarette cartridges and filters contained materials which were harmful to the lungs.

After all, the filter components are inhaled in to the lungs much in the same way that real cigarette smoke is inhaled.

The study found the following:

* Nil traces of an carcinogenic substances in the filter of the e-cigarette
* Very low levels of toxicants in the filters – not enough to cause lung irritation
* Very low levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA)

The conclusion of this study was that the chemicals found in the filters of the most popular brand of Electronic cigarette were harmless – and did not occur at levels strong enough to have a tangible effect on the lungs.

Study Two: Who Study on Effectiveness?

The second study we looked at was the one from the World Health Organization. Their opinion was that E-cigarettes contained minimal levels of dangerous substances, and that overall – the use of E-cigarettes was an effective way to stop and quit smoking.

They stopped short of saying that E-cigarettes are “healthy” – but their findings certainly indicate that the artificial cigarettes are far better for you than real cigarettes. Therefore – this is another study backing the efficacy of electronic cigarettes.

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