Smoke the Sociable Cigarette!

Electronic cigarettes are the latest accessory for people who enjoy the habit of smoking, but don’t want the health risks and the responsibility of passing on second-hand-smoke to others – and to themselves. They are cleaner and more hygienic than conventional cigarettes and perhaps even simpler to use. So, how do you use an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes have small cartridges that contain a nicotine infused-liquid, which comes in a variety of flavours. When the user of an electronic cigarette draws on the mouthpiece – the filter end in a cigarette – a small element, which is called an atomiser, vaporises the liquid and produces a vapour, containing nicotine, which is inhaled in a similar fashion to inhaling smoke form a cigarette. For this reason users are often called ‘vapers’, as opposed to ‘smokers’. The pleasure hit to the lungs in smoking an electronic cigarette is reported to be the same or similar to smoking a conventional cigarette, as the nicotine intake can be the same as traditional fags.

The cost of electronic cigarettes is considerably less than when compared with traditional conventional cigarettes, as much as 80% cheaper in some cases as the cartridges are generally much less cost than the equivalent number of traditional fags – and if the user decides to enter the e-liquid marketplace they are then able to re use the cartridges; you can simply refill a cartridge with e-liquid from a bottle. Another certainty is that, as a user of electronic cigarettes, you are behaving in a more responsible fashion towards other people when socialising.

If you enjoy smoking in a social environment, you will most probably find the physical aspect of smoking one of the most pleasurable aspects; that is to say the retrieval of a case, unpacking of the individual fag, and then the holding of the cigarette between the first and middle finger, and gesticulating with it in your hand, when emphasizing a story or point.

For these aspects of vaping, the wonderful thing is that when thinking about how do you use an electronic cigarette, you can enjoy all the same physical comforts and flamboyancy, but with a much clearer conscience and much cleaner air for yourself and for people all around you.

You may also ask, how do you use an electronic cigarette legally in a public place? Well, the answer to this question is a very simple one; with freedom! You can legally use an e-cigarette in as many public places as you like! You are not breaking the laws against smoking in a public place, simply because you are not smoking (no combustion), you’re vaping and it’s not a cigarette (no tobacco)!

The nicotine content in e-cigs is the same as in licenced inhalers, patches and nicotine gum, so no added addiction there! So, all in all, when thinking about the question “how do you use an electronic cigarette”, you can use an electronic cigarette with a clear conscience, confidence and a clean and fragrant demeanour; so it should be top of your list of tobacco alternatives.

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