5 profound reasons why e-cigs are winners

Smokefree Electronic Cigarette Benefits

The list of benefits for Smokefree ecigs goes on and on. Some of these benefits include:

Hygiene health & safety

You will not stain your fingers, teeth, curtains, walls, or windshield with cigarette smoke residue. You will no longer smell like smoke and neither will your house, your car, your breath or your hands. You eliminate a major risk of fire to your home that burning cigarettes and lighters created. You will not produce any ashes or cigarette butts and because of this you will no longer need ash trays in your home. Getting rid of ash trays will also help with the smell in your car and your home.

Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Just About Anywhere

We have been traveling around promoting e-cigarettes and have had successful use and acceptance of them in many night clubs, bars and restaurants in many states. We have even spoken with people who use them in airport waiting terminals as well as offices. Since they do not create any 2nd hand smoke or foul odor, it doesn’t really bother anyone around you. And since it is not smoke that is being emitted from the e cig, it does not fall under the smoking ban that is in effect against the indoor use of cigarettes in many states. We do recommend that you be ready to explain what the product is because we did have some bouncers who were convinced it was a real cigarette! Once it was properly disclosed and explained…they allowed it, some even embraced it by vaping on it themselves. The indoor use of this product is definitely a big win for the smoking community.

Choose your own Nicotine Level with the Electronic Cigarette

One of the greatest things about the Smokefree e cigs technology is that it allows you to choose your whether you want your e-cig with nicotine or without nicotine. Smokers have never had the ability to do this before. It has not existed as an option in the tobacco industry or the smoking cessation industry. This gives smokers much more freedom when it comes to nicotine consumption and is definitely being applauded by the smokers of the world.

Smokefree E-cigarettes Save Money.

Switching to an e cigarette can save a smoker a large amount of money compared to the high priced packs they are buying. Many states have enacted super high tobacco taxes to try to make extra income to offset their budgets. This has hurt many smokers who continue to smoke the same amounts but are now out more money every month. The electronic cigarette is here right in time to offer some great savings using refillable nicotine cartridges. One cartridge costs only Rs 20 and is the equal of one entire pack of regular cigarettes, which comes for Rs 100. So that’s a Rs 80 save on ciggies.

Spare the health of others

Electronic cigarettes are making it possible for people who have smoked for years to switch to using an e cigarette with relative ease. This is because it is an almost exact same taste you would get when you smoke a regular cigarette. When a user inhales on the electronic cigarette, it activates the atomizer which heats up the nicotine solution. The solution is then in vapor form which is inhaled into the mouth of the user. The user then exhales the vapor like they normally would smoke. The vapor evaporates quickly which leaves no lingering smell. There is also no risk of second hand smoke while using this product because no smoke is emitted at all. Although it looks like smoke, it is actually vapor, similar to that of a fog machine.


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