5 Reasons Society Frowns upon Smoking

In an earlier time, cigarette smoking was seen as the hip, cool thing to do. There were hardly any restrictions on where you could smoke – offices, restaurants, airplanes are just a few of the places people would light up. Most people accepted smoking as a normal activity or were smokers themselves.

But boy how times have changed!!

Cigarette usage has been on a steady decline for a couple of decades now. What was once a glamorous activity reserved for the coolest people out there is now considered to be nasty and a sign of poor health, judgment and even poverty.

Following smoking’s heyday of the 70s and 80s, many restrictions on smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places have been put into effect. Anyone who flies knows the warnings of severe punishment if you smoke on an airplane for example. But many localities like New York City are taking the unprecedented steps to ban smoking in public altogether.

Much of the inspiration for these restrictions comes from changing social attitudes about smoking. What was once considered a normal activity is now considered taboo. Separating smokers from non-smokers through these types of restrictions contribute to this negative view.

Continue reading for 5 effects of smoking and how they affect others’ view of the habit along with a brief explanation of how electric cigarettes help you avoid them.


One of the biggest factors contributing to smokers’ negative reputation is the smell. Cigarette smoke can get into just about anything and cling to it. Clothing, hair and fingers are a few examples. It’s hard to notice for smokers since they’re immersed in it all the time. But for non-smokers or ex-smokers, the smell is unmistakable.

Electronic cigarettes on the other hand don’t produce the pungent odor associated with traditional cigarettes. Since you’re exhaling a vapor rather than smoke, no odors cling to your body or clothing. And when there is a scent, it usually consists of something more pleasant like cotton candy or coffee.


With more and more people being conscious about their impact on the environment, litter is another reason why many people hold a negative view about cigarettes. Cigarette butts are in fact the most common form of litter and are not biodegradable. Chemicals found in these butts are quite toxic and take many, many years to break down.

How many places have you seen a pile of cigarette butts just lying around? Or how many times have you seen someone (…or yourself) throw a cigarette butt out the window while driving down the road?

Electronic smoking devices like Modern Vapor’s Lux, 902 and Sidesho don’t produce any litter (…provided you dispose of spent cartridges and dead atomizers properly). Since you use the same device each time, you don’t flick your electric cigarette out just any old where.

2nd Hand Smoke

Much of the anxiety surrounding smoking in recent decades has centered around 2nd hand smoke and its effect on those who come in contact with it. Many studies have been done to learn more about these effects, many of which affect children. Considering the possibility of health issues related to 2nd hand smoke, many non-smokers really dislike being around anyone who’s smoking.

Since electronic cigarettes only emit a vapor rather than smoke, the 2nd hand smoke concern is a moot point. The vapor dissipates very quickly, which only contains a few substances not known to cause cancer or other major health problems.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare cost for smokers is another factor negatively viewed upon by society in general. Over the course of their lives, smokers can expect anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000 in additional healthcare costs. Considering many smokers come from lower-income brackets, the cost for their care is largely paid through public benefit programs like Medicaid, which ends up costing everyone.

Lung cancer too is often considered the ‘smokers’ disease and doesn’t receive near the attention, funding and research as other forms of cancer do.

Since electronic cigarettes are relatively new, there hasn’t been a whole lot of research into their health effects. However, many smokers who switched to e-cigs reported having better health so it is theoretically possible for reduced healthcare costs from the use of electric cigarettes.

Physical Appearance

Lastly, the effect cigarettes have on your physical appearance is unmistakable. Stained fingers, yellow teeth and accelerated aging in the face are a few of the signs of cigarette usage. These effects from cigarettes can have dramatic impacts on a user’s social life, especially if they smoke in their homes and cars.

Considering electronic cigarettes do not contain many of the chemical substances found in regular cigarettes, the potential for changes in physical appearance is minimal. More study needs to be done in order to establish if any changes in an e-cig user’s appearance does occur from long term use of the device.

As you can see from this article and perhaps your own personal experience, smoking isn’t considered glamorous anymore. In fact, it’s likely you will be frowned upon by family, friends and people in general when lighting up.

However, many people smoke because they enjoy it and therefore will likely never quit.

If you’re concerned with the social impacts of smoking but want to enjoy a smoke or are otherwise unable to kick the habit, consider electronic cigarettes. Since they don’t carry many of the negative consequences regular cigarettes do, you may be able to enjoy e-cigs without the stigmas attached to smoking.

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