Kajol wants Ajay Devgan to stop!

Other than Shah Rukh Khan who is a chain smoker, the other man who is known for his nicotine addiction is Ajay Devgan. The actor smokes like a chimney and his ashtray never seems to cool off with the frequency at which he douses cigarette butts.

Ajay Devgan has figured in the news for all the wrong reasons by consistently breaking the no-smoking law in the first smokefree city of the country. The actor has been served five penalty notices 5 times for smoking at public places in Chandigarh and in neighbouring Punjab.

Devgan had once immediately lit a cigarette at the airport on reaching Chandigarh, and was immediately caught on camera by a photo journalist. The police issued a notice to him after receiving a complaint from a non-government organisation. Ajay was also slapped with two fines each for allegedly smoking at a railway station.

Usually, Ajay Devgan smokes so much to beat stress. But smoking seems to have become more of the reason he is so stressed. The actor who is trying desperately to give up smoking because his daughter Nysa wants him to; has not been successful so far.

The other reason Ajay has been under pressure to quit is the sad demise of Kajol’s father Shomu Mukherjee. Following a heart attack, Kajol was obviously quite disturbed and her concern for hubby dear only amplified. Taking in regard his wife’s concern, Ajay was all the more determined to do away with smoking. Devgan reveals, “It has not been easy. But I take each day at a time.”

Ajay has tried out a variety of stunts to keep the nicotine level low. The actor recently bought himself a cigarette punching machine; and if you’re wondering what that is, well it’s a small device with which you punch holes into the cigarette filter. “This way you inhale less nicotine,” says Ajay. “Believe me I’m trying very hard to quit smoking,” he says. “However, since I haven’t been too succesful I thought the next best thing I can do is to at least control the nicotine intake to some extent.”

Now if Ajay Devgan is talking about controlling nicotine intake as the next best thing, then he is on the right track. But if he still thinks he needs a cigarette punching machine, then he clearly hasn’t heard about electronic cigarettes.

Cant blame the guy, these clever electric cigarettes have only entered the bollywood scene recently. We couldn’t possibly find a better deserving candidate for e-cigarettes. Someone who wants to give up smoking by controlling his nicotine intake by punching holes in cigarette filters. Someone please alert Ajay Devgan Ji. E-cigs don’t require punching tools, just a choice of nicotine strength. Also, they are tobacco, tar and ash free. So Kajol can chill about hubby’s health, her kids can play with daddy without passive smoking, and Ajay Devgan can take a deep breath of fresh water vapour. Wherever he wants to.





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