An Analysis of E-cigarettes Nicotine Content

Most of the electronic cigarettes contain different quantities of nicotine. In the past, it has been observed that the tobacco cigarettes include various nicotine content and these depend on the brand. According to estimates, tobacco cigarettes used to contain 1.35 mg of nicotine per cigarette till the year 1968. This content reduced to0.90 mg of nicotine per cigarette by the year 1994.

The E cigarettes nicotine content is appeared in 4 various strengths such as, Nicotine free, light, medium and full flavor. Nicotine content in full flavored e-cigarettes ranges from 16 to 24mg and medium ranges from 12 to 16 mg. The light E cigarettes nicotine content ranges from 4 to 8 mg and nicotine-free electronic cigarettes contain 0mg of nicotine. The cartridges of electronic cigarettes contain higher quantities of nicotine because these are not intended to be smoked entirely in one sitting. Thus, as far as your choice is concerned regarding nicotine level, it depends on your own preference. The people who are taken full-strength cigarettes, they can use full flavor cigarettes. Those who like light cigarettes, they can use middle strength and the occasional smokers can use the light strength. The people who want to quit smoking, the nicotine-free electronic cigarettes can be used by them.

However, according to Professor Thomas Eissenberg of Virginia Commonwealth University, impact of E cigarettes nicotine content on a person’s health is nearly about zero. He conducted a research on 16 smokers with the high level of nicotine (16mg) and found a small nicotine blood levels which was around 2ng/ml. However, it was around 17 to 20 ng/ml after smoking the real cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes do not affect your heart like the real cigarettes. In fact, these reduce the desire of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are called as E-cigarettes and considered as handheld vaporizer apparatus for the nicotine. It is operated by battery and doesn’t need a lighter as well as doesn’t create smoke. Unlike the real cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine in the white part. However, nicotine is present in cartridges. The cartridges contain e-liquid that decides the nicotine content of e-cigarettes. But it can be safely said that, its nicotine content does not create an adverse effect for the surrounding. And this is the major reason why people are opting for these electronic cigarettes in place of other cigarettes. Also, these are now available in variety of price ranges, making it affordable for all pocket sizes.

A regular smoker takes around 15 puffs on a real cigarette, which arises from one to two mg of nicotine utilization per cigarette. However, 15 puffs on a cartridge of 16mg will equal to 0.15 mg of nicotine. Hence, the absorption of E cigarettes nicotine content is very less in comparison to a real cigarette. There are a lot of additional benefits of using e cigarettes as compared to the traditional cigarettes with nicotine filled in them.

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