Can the electronic cigarette improve smokers sex lives?

A newspaper tabloid based out of chicago proves that the power of an e cigarette extends to the harmony between a man and a woman. It unbelievably, but logically, improved the sex life of many. Here are the results of the biggest ever cigarette-sex poll!

Survey Question: Has the e-cigarette improved your sex life?

Electronic cigarette survey results:

Percent: Number:
No: 8.6% 3
Yes: 57.1% 20
What sex life? 22.9% 8

Personal Comments from people who took the survey:

1. “If I had a sex life, I know it would improve, simply because I can breathe now and don’t feel like crap or cough all the time. While smoking, sex was as embarrassing as running up a flight of stairs next to a non-smoker and not being able to catch my breath. Now I could be much more active in bed and not stink like an ashtray either”

2. “New man in my life helped ;) …but since he quit tobacco and is using the e-cig, yes!”

3. “I’ve been told I taste better :)

4. “Well I have had trouble in the past when smoker regular cigarettes, now that im off those and onto electronic cigarettes its like Im a 18 year old boy again. God couldn’t have blessed me with a better product.”

5. “I was a smoker and my husband wasn’t. I feel much better about being close to him now that I don’t smell like and ash tray. So we are closer much more often :)

6. “More STAMINA!!!!!”

7. “Since quitting analogs and now vaping my stamina is incredible:)”

Electronic cigarettes, however shockingly, have proved to have an uplifting and positive effect on peoples sex lives!

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