Cancel your date with lung cancer on 1st Jan…

We suggest smokers make their New Year’s resolution a commitment to switching to e-smoking. Also known as “vaping”, e-smoking is the practice of using an electronic cigarette as a means of nicotine delivery in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Lots of people commit to quit smoking every year, as their New Year’s resolution, but very few actually succeed because the need for nicotine is so strong. But, anecdotal evidence proves that lots of e-cigarette users are finding it easier to discontinue their tobacco use by engaging in e-smoking.

The electronic cigarette is by far the best tobacco alternative on the market because it satisfies the dual nature of tobacco addiction. First of all, it delivers nicotine in a way that is very similar to what smokers are already used to. Whereas the patch delivers a constant stream of nicotine into the system, and nicotine gum and inhalers provide too much nicotine in a single dose, electronic cigarettes provide nicotine in much the same way tobacco does. The smoker is able to vape just enough to satisfy the nicotine craving without going overboard, because he has total control of how many draws he takes on his e-cig.

Furthermore, e-smoking mimics the act of holding a cigarette in one’s hand, putting it to one’s mouth, and taking a draw. This behavioural addiction is just as strong as the nicotine addiction, and no other tobacco alternatives address it. E-smoking accomplishes the very thing critics of tobacco are after: reducing overall tobacco use. To that end they make a great way to start off the New Year with a commitment to reducing tobacco use.

The key to electronic cigarettes is the small, battery-powered atomiser within the device. This atomizer transforms a nicotine-based liquid into water vapour using electrical current. It is the same principle that has been used in medical and home vaporizers for generations. By creating the nicotine missed the e-cig allows users to inhale without the deadly toxins associated with tobacco smoke. When they exhale, it is harmless water vapour that dissipates into the air without harm to anyone else.

If you’re a smoker determined to quit after the New Year, we would encourage you to increase your chances of being successful by committing to e-smoking. Smokefree is one of the India’s brands of electronic cigs. Our products are top-notch quality, the prices are reasonable, and our customer service is second to none. Smokefree offers a complete line of disposable e-cigs, refillable units, and all the accessories you’ll need. Smokefree is also coming out with their unique line of e-cig cases and cartomisers.

Have a Smokefree New Year!

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