Celebrate Republic Day with 15% discounts!

Republic Day is almost here. The perfect day to celebrate your freedom from tobacco cigarettes and make the transition to e cigarettes-the healthier alternative to smoking.

Constitution- the focus of Republic Day- is a concept e-cig users often talk about when discussing their switch to vapor cigarettes. Smokers who have switched over to electric cigarettes understand the constitution of an e-cigarette-the harmless battery, atomizer and cartridge concept. They also understand what constitutes a tobacco cigarette-tobacco, chemicals, toxins and poison. They make a choice between nicotine/tobacco & nicotine/vapour. Because what you put inside your lungs will form the constitution of your lungs.

While electronic cigarettes offer the same nicotine fix you get from a regular tobacco (or analog) cigarette, the devices are free of the tobacco, tar, smell, ash, and restrictions on usage indoors and in many public spaces. You prevent your children and loved ones from passive smoking, and you enjoy each drag more since you know that you are far better off vaping e-cigs as opposed to tobacco cancer sticks.

Yet another freedom that awaits new converts to electronic cigarettes is freedom of choice. The choice of nicotine strength, the choice of infusions, and the choice of cigarette brand. Conventional cigarettes only give you the choice of brand. In order to get your nicotine kick, you fall victim to the host of killer chemicals the cigarette contains. E-cig accessories are vast, and many are catered to the different lifestyles of diverse electronic cigarette users. Carry cases, chargers, cartomizers, atomizers and USB’s are only some of the many available vapor cigarette accessories to enhance the electronic smoking experience for advanced users and newbies alike.

Smokefree is offering an exclusive promotion of 15% discount on all purchases made on the 26th of January, on Republic Day. All transactions on this day for Smokefree products will automatically generate a coupon code called ‘JAN26′, entitling you to our biggest opportunity for you so far.

Tomorrow is the day our country came into order. We hope you order yourself a healthier lifestyle on this monumental day. Smokefree India wishes all its customers and readers a very Happy Republic Day.

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