Celebrities make Fashion Statements with E-cigs!

Johnny Depp uses them. So does Leonardo Di Caprio, Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. All of these celebrities and many more, all now love their electronic cigarettes for the same reasons that so many of us do too. They are quite simply an amazing tobacco alternative that can be used anywhere where ’lighting up’ a cigarette has long been banned.

Johnny Depp is one of the better known celebrity e-cig users, mainly because he was seen vaping on a train in “The Tourist” – a film in which he co-starred with Angelina Jolie. In one key scene, the two meet for the first time on a train and Depp’s character is seen puffing away on his electronic cigarette. Depp explains what he is doing and even touches the tip to his hand to prove that it’s not burning any tobacco. This scene will likely go down in ‘vaping history’ as one of the key tipping points where electric cigarettes suddenly became accepted as a cool alternative.

Celebrities across the world are starting to embrace electronic cigarettes for a number of highly compelling reasons. ‘Health’ is right at the top the list of course, knowing what everyone already knows about the dangers of tobacco smoking. Celebrities such as Lady Sovereign, Jodie Marsh and Paul Nicholls have been happy to talk about (and be seen using) their smokefree vapesticks, because not only do they look stylish but they are also a far healthier option than tobacco cigarettes, so it is sending out the right message to their fans. But beyond the obvious health benefits of avoiding tobacco smoke, there are also PR benefits they will enjoy from being seen using the latest and most stylish e-cigarettes available on the market.

Smoking has become socially unacceptable in just about every corner of the developed world. Image-conscious celebrities are well aware of public perception surrounding everything they do. Cigarette smoking is now a potential threat to a celebrity’s profile, whereas electronic cigarettes ensure they are seen as being responsible, enlightened, modern and trend-setting. This was fully on display at last year’s Classic Rock Awards, where award winning band ‘Steel Dagger’ and ‘The Sweet Harlots’ (of Prince William’s stag-do fame) were not only were seen using their smokefree sticks, but they even took the time to speak glowingly of them afterwards with reporters! There are now plenty of other celebrities (and even a few MPs) who have also joined the legions of Smokefree cigarettes fans up and down the country. Lady Sovereign has also regularly tweeted her electronic cigarettes praises to her thousands of followers.

Everyone can Benefit…

Of course you don’t have to be a celebrity to make the switch to Smokefree electronic cigarettes. It is not like they are more expensive, so that only the privileged few can benefit. In fact, switching to e-cigarettes will actually save you a ton of money, almost immediately. In doing so, you will also be avoiding all of the nasty side-effects associated with tobacco smoke and protecting the non-smokers you love from the known effects of second-hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and do not utilise combustion. Instead, they use a small electronic atomiser which converts a nicotine e-liquid into an odourless water-based vapour.

If you’re a smoker maybe it’s time you thought about joining the electronic cigarette revolution, or the ‘vape-olution’ as we like to call it! Celebrities, MPs, millionaires and paupers, are all now starting to embrace what is fast becoming the new kind of smoking. It looks like it may be the beginning of the end to the ‘age of tobacco ‘smoking


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