Celebs & the eCigarette!

Two images come to mind when most people think of cigarettes – the first, these days, is the damage they do to health. The second is the image of cool glamour that still surrounds them, in spite of all those dire health warnings. This lingering air of glamour is the one great, unquestionable success of the tobacco industry. Back when smoking was a near universal activity, film stars posed moodily with their cigarettes and cigars, casually blowing smoke into each other’s faces up there on the silver screen.

Nowadays tobacco cigarettes are far less frequent co-stars than they once were, but Hollywood still sometimes employs them as easy visual shorthand for death-defying sang froid or big screen villainy.

It has never been much of a surprise to discover that many film stars and celebrities smoke in real life. After all, projecting an air of starry cool is part of their job. And one sure sign of the increasing prominence of the electronic cigarette is the number of celebrities who have also acquired a taste for the smokefree devices.

Famous and semi-famous electronic cigarette users include…

• Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
• Actress Katherine Heigl
• Musician Tom Petty
• ‘Actor’ Kevin Federline
• Model Kate Moss

Johnny Depp

Electric cigarettes have even made an appearance on the screen. 2010 comedy thriller The Tourist featured Johnny Depp puffing on one throughout. Given the fact that electronic cigarettes are still less than ten years old, this is a notable achievement and The Tourist is very unlikely to be their last appearance in front of the cameras.

Katherine Heigl

Actress Katherine Heigl, who has appeared in a number of successful dramas and romantic comedies, spoke openly of her e-cig habit during an interview with David Letterman. She lit up during the interview and offered the waggish US chat show host a puff!

Kevin Connelly

Katherine Heigl’s ‘Ugly Truth’ co-star Kevin Connelly has also become a proud member of the e-cigs celebrity club, clearly finding Heigl’s appearance on David Letterman both useful and informative!

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones was spotted using e-cigarettes in one of her favourite restaurants; afterall, she was allowed to legally smoke indoors with her e-cigarette. After Michael Douglas’ spell of throat cancer, it’s good to see she’s thinking about her health.

Twilight Saga

Moving into fantasy fiction, the cast of popular Twilight Saga have discovered the benefits of tobacco-free smoking. It seems Kirsten Stewart has been spreading the word and now has boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, using e-cigs instead. Stewart was also spotted promoting e-cigarettes to another Twilight starlet Nikki Reid. Pretty soon the entire film crew will be trying them.

Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton

Electronic cigarettes are now being used by some of Hollywood’s wildest party animals. Infamous hell raiser, Charlie Sheen, has swapped to e cigarettes in a bid to help him maintain his all new healthier lifestyle. Alongside him is Eric Roberts, the bad boy of the acting world, who has openly encouraged the use of this technology. Lindsey Lohan is also seeking to mend her ‘bad-girl’ ways and it appears her new BFF, Paris Hilton was also seen partying with her e-cig in hand.

So, it is clear that E-cigarettes are taking Hollywood by storm.

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