Do e-Cigarettes give you a buzz?

Electronic cigarettes give you more than just the one buzz, they give you several buzzes. Electronic cigarettes will have you buzzing all the way through your day, from first thing in the morning when you have your first mug of coffee of the day, through the ride to work, stuck in yet another traffic build up, or caught behind that driver that’s going too slow all the way through to that satisfying evening night cap drink with a snack and an electronic cigarette.
That’s because, in common with other tobacco substitutes, electronic cigarettes deliver the nicotine your body has adapted to. But when you are using electronic cigarettes, the buzz is coming with a familiar set of physical sensations, all those learned habits and rituals that many smoker gets such a buzz from. They are all still there with e-smoking. So do electronic cigarettes give you a buzz in that sense – you bet they do!
But one thing you won’t have to worry about is that other sort of buzz; the shocking sort from the electrical components of the electronic cigarette. There are stringent quality procedures with all of the leading brands, and the mouthpiece is totally insulated from the rest of the electronic cigarette as it sits snugly in your mouth.

So, do electronic cigarettes give you a buzz in the physical hit sense? Similar to that which you get from conventional cigarettes, when you take in that long draw and the smoke hits your lungs. The answer is, yes they do give that same hit, because you are still getting nicotine into your lungs. That hits your brain pretty sharpish, your primary nicotine receptors are scattered throughout your brain, on some of the dense network of neurons packed in there, this is the part that makes you want more and more nicotine. So, in that sense, yes it will give you a buzz.

If you are happy to stop asking “do electronic cigarettes give you a buzz?” , and start looking at this realistic alternative to tobacco, congratulations, you are in the good company of those not frightened by checking out tobacco substitutes.

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