Do your Lungs a Favour

The electronic cigarette was launched in China in 2006. Since then, millions of people around the world have switched from tobacco to “tech-bacco”, and in doing so have made considerable savings in their health and wealth. The “safe cigarette” has long been the holy grail of smokers everywhere, but the tobacco industry has never seen fit to think outside the box (or pack, in this case), and develop tobacco-free technology.
I suppose this isn’t surprising since their chief commodity is tobacco, and they have never shown any real interest in their customers’ wellbeing.

Excerpts from a Smoking Addict:
“If you smoke tobacco in any form, you should start e-smoking instead. I wish I had known that before I started, but here we are, I am in my late 20s and have been smoking half my life. I am incredibly thankful to have discovered e-cigs because, hopefully, I can now escape the terrible health consequences that await most smokers.

I have tried over and over again to pack the suckers in, and still ended up back on it – usually because I have had a drink or two. I just haven’t been in the right place in life to pack them in. And that is the point – electronic cigarettes are for harm-reduction. Nicotine is still a nasty substance and I do want to get off it, but it is not anywhere near as nasty as the deadly concoction you breathe in every time you and I have a smoke.

I don’t want to be smoking e-cigarettes forever, but until I am in the right place in life they will help me to preserve my health. Switching to electronic cigarettes has given my entire body a boost. I have already improved my fitness – I am running 10 miles 3 times per week. I could never have done that before. My energy levels have skyrocketed, my thought processes improved – basically all the benefits of quitting smoking:

CLEAN: Contains none of the carcinogenic chemicals that constitute cigarette smoke are in the e-cigarette vapor.
SAFE: With the exception of nicotine, all the listed ingredients are rigorously tested and certified food-safe. However, most of these ingredients have not been tested for their safety in long-term inhalation.
CHEAP: Far cheaper than smoking – savings for the average smoker are over $2000 per year.
SOCIABLE: Does not emit any smoke – just a harmless vapor that dissipates quickly and doesn’t linger and doesn’t harm those around you.
LEGAL: Beat the ban! Because of the above, e-smoking is perfectly legal in all public places where a smoking ban is in force. Some US States are trying to change their legislation to include e-cigarettes in smoking bans, however.
AUTHENTIC: Just like smoking! The sensation of smoking an e-cigarette is almost identical to that of of tobacco – but it is not doing the harm that smoke does to your body.
CO FREE: No carbon monoxide whatsoever – the chief cause of heart disease in tobacco smokers.
FRESH: No smell! Your clothes stay fresh and you don’t reek of tobacco.”

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