Doctors say Yes to E-smoking

Nicotine is very similar to caffeine. Its a stimulant, its very addicting, like caffeine, but nicotine by itself is not a terrible thing. The Doctors approved electronic cigarette use over smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

“This is HUGE! I did happen to catch this episode while in a waiting room and was very excited about what they said on the show.

The fact that The Doctors TV show has featured e-cigarettes as #9 on their TOP 10 health trends for 2011 is, let me reiterate, HUGE mainstream media attention!

The next exciting thing I noticed was all of the doctors on the TV show gave the electronic cigarettes and an electric cigar a try. They each took several drags.

Skeptics of the potential health benefits should also take note: None of the Doctors on The Doctors TV show are smokers but they did try the devices while I find that many people I talk to (not medical experts by any means) are afraid to even try taking a drag off one of the cartridges that contains zero nicotine.

If the doctors on The Doctors TV show didn’t hesitate to take a few puffs then does this mean the doctors on the TV show are not concerned about e-cigs affecting their health? You be the judge.

Now the doctors did give an electronic cigarette to a veteran smoker and let her try it out before filming the show and then invited her into the studio audience to give her opinion. The veteran smoker said that, “she would recommend them.” Cool! Another smoker gives it a pass!

Finally, the last exciting thing that stuck out in The Doctors’ review was Dr. Travis Stork informing the audience that the devices are not FDA approved yet.

Now keep in mind. Regular cigarettes are NOT FDA approved and never will be. In fact, regular cigarettes bear that all too familiar surgeon general’s warning. I personally find myself reminding people of this fact whenever they suggest that e cigarettes need to be FDA approved to be legally sold in the U.S.A.”

If there’s anyone who should judge electronic cigarettes it should be the Doctors. Ask them and see what they say!!

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