Does the Electronic Cigarette have Side Effects??

As a smoker, the possibility of electronic cigarettes side effects might raise a few concerns for you. You are probably already aware of the dangers of tobacco and know that you should be slowing down on cigarette smoking or at best giving it up altogether. However, you are also wary about new products being released onto the market and are unsure about whether or not the e cigarette is really such an amazing product and what effect it might have on your health. The last thing you would want to do is exchange your tobacco smoking habit for smoking a product that presents a variety of other dangers to your health. It is normal to be concerned about electronic cigarettes side effects.

Electronic cigarettes side effects – what are they?

There are no notable side effects that can be associated with electronic cigarettes. Any side effects that you may experience smoking e cigarettes would be as a result of the nicotine contained within them. Nicotine does have the ability to produce unpleasant side effects if taken in exceptionally large doses, but there are no electronic cigarette side effects that you should be particularly worried about. E cigarette liquid basically has propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and artificial flavouring. All of these ingredient, except for nicotine, are present in a variety of food and pharmaceutical products. In fact, propylene glycol has been used since the 1950s in asthma inhalers, as a compound that retains water. It is used to help turn the water, nicotine, and flavouring into a vapour that you can inhale just like tobacco smoke.

Those who have already realised that there are no significant e-cigs side effects to be concerned about can feel free to buy electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes side effects are basically a non-issue and any side effects that could be caused from the smoking of e cigarettes are produced by the nicotine contained within them. Furthermore, not all electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, so no side effects at all can be attached to those devices. Unless you have some kind of abnormal allergy to one of the other additives or artificial flavourings in electric cigarettes, you can rest assured that the substance you are inhaling is not going to affect your body negatively.


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