Dont hang around smokers til they stub their ciggie out.

Christmas is not a day to pressure someone to quit smoking. No amount of nagging or threatening from well-meaning family members will get someone to kick the habit. Everyone knows the health risks associated with tobacco use and the benefits of quitting. If these facts worked as a deterrent, no one would be smoking right now. However, this doesn’t make it easy to stop the nicotine addiction.
Nicotine has a strong hold on someone who smokes. It controls both the mind and the body. Research studies state that it’s harder to quit cigarettes than heroin. It’s difficult to quit. Difficult, yes, but not impossible. Most people try to quit an average of eight times before they are successful in quitting. But each “failed” attempt gets you that much closer to the goal of becoming a non-smoker. As with most things, we learn as we go, but keep trying is key.

While Christmas Day is not the time to ask someone to quit smoking, it is a day to ask not to be exposed to secondhand smoke indoors. The health risks associated with smoking are also a risk to the non-smoker exposed to secondhand smoke – the smoke that comes from a burning cigarette, pipe, cigar, etc. as well as the smoke exhaled from a smoker’s lungs. Even one cigarette is enough to damage your DNA leading to cancer or trigger a heart attack. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to secondhand smoke. Please, if you must smoke, take it outside away from the family, or switch to electronic cigarettes. You’ll all breathe easier and chances are, have a Merrier Christmas.

The electronic cigarette is made up of two parts, the cartomiser (the unit containing the atomiser and the cartridge) and a lithium ion rechargeable battery. When a user begins to vape, the battery sends a charge to the atomiser which vaporises the liquid nicotine in the cartridge to produce a ‘smoke’ like steam. The ‘smoke’ produced is a steam of water vapour and nicotine instead of toxic tobacco smoke.

E-cigarettes boast of the following advantages:
No tar
No smoke
No carbon monoxide.
No carcinogens.
Nicotine strength can be easily regulated by selecting the strength of cartomiser used.
No second hand smoke hazards, so you have the liberty of smoking anywhere and as they do not burn tobacco e-cigs
Vapour volume is the same as that obtained with a traditional cigarette, making the experience even more realistic.
E cigarettes are a cheaper long term alternative – you could save over 75% compared to traditional cigarettes.

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