Don’t Pay Big Money for Bigger Damage!

Tobacco is expensive. Rs 100 for a pack of cigarettes is like paying for damaging your health…big money for bigger damage. Buying a pack of cigarettes for Rs100 might seem like a foolish idea to non-smokers, but then again they don’t feel the same way about cigarettes to begin with. A lot of people are comfortable with paying this kind of money for a pack of smokes, while others are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the high prices. An e-cig cartridge is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes. (One full cartridge smoked equals to one pack of cigarettes smoked). One pack of cigarettes is on average, about Rs 100. One cartridge is for Rs 20. So that’s an Rs 80 save on a pack of smokes…a worthwhile saving. So here exists a credible alternative: cheap electronic cigarette smoking.

How to electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes can look much the same as regular cigarettes, but they have a battery powered internal mechanism that allows them to function in a vastly different way. Instead of burning a blend of tobacco to create a flavoured smoke that is inhaled, electronic cigarettes produce a vapour that contains mainly nicotine, flavouring and a pharmaceutical grade food additive called Propylene Glycol. E-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries, and rely on an internal atomiser to convert e-liquid into a mist that can then be inhaled through the e-cigarette’s mouth piece.

What are the main benefits?

Electronic cigarettes offer numerous benefits when seen as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. For starters, they are much safer. Everyone knows about the disadvantages of smoking tobacco, and how smoking tobacco regularly could wreck their health over a long term period of time. Electric cigarettes do not produce any harmful chemicals or carcinogens, making them a much safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. In fact, this is likely the main reason that people choose to start smoking e cigarettes – to avoid running into the health problems associated with prolonged tobacco smoking.

As well as being healthier, the electronic cigarette is also a financially safer option. Cheap electronic cigarettes are equipped with refillable or interchangeable e-liquid cartridges. After a certain amount of time smoking, the e-liquid cartridge is depleted, after which the purchase of a replacement cartridge or refill is necessary for continued use. The great thing about e-cig refills is that they cost very little to replace. Additionally, you can purchase a wide range of different flavours that can be used with the same electronic cigarette. If you are a fan of menthol or even apple flavours, you can purchase cartridges that have these flavours for next to nothing in comparison to the price of a full pack of tobacco cigarettes.

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