E-Cigarette’s Onset to the Hollywood Industry

Electronic cigarettes have taken the whole world a great impact. Not only you can see ordinary smokers switch to vaping but even in televisions and big screens, we can now see A-list stars and other Hollywood celebrities use e cigarettes in their recent movies. As we all know, movies happen to be a very influential medium in shaping the trend and fashion for the public.

In today’s era, the use of e-cigarettes scenes have been more favored compared to the traditional cigarette smoking in the movie industry because movies play a big part in influencing the viewers. Though heading back to the black and white movies, smoking cigarettes scenes impose a cool and sophisticated status for the actor playing the role. But as years pass, tobacco cigarette smoking scenes in the movies tend to get a lot of not so good criticisms. In the current time, actors smoking in the movies tend to be considered bad role models as smoking health effects, which generally is bad, is being established for many years today. If you remember the top grossing movie, “Avatar” where Sigourney Weaver’s character, a very passionate and dedicated scientist who runs the avatar program, has scenes smoking and this actually has caused so much rage and controversies from the public especially the anti smoking watch dogs.

The experts from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention gave their opinion that smoking analog cigarettes should be totally avoided or removed from the film industry. Why? As per surveys conducted, viewers, especially the teenagers, who are used to watch smoking scenes in Hollywood movies were thrice more likely to get the bad habit of tobacco cigarette usage. This result is really an alarming rate that needs corrective action as soon as possible. The National Cancer Instute already started a campaign that ordered the movie producers in the Hollywood to minimize and avoid as much as possible the smoking scenes in their movies. Gladly, the concerned organization got a positive response from the biggest Hollywood studios. Disney, Universal, and Time Warner actually cut the smoking scenes from their produced movies overwhelmingly. This type of scenes have dropped 96%.

The movies released on Hollywood last 2010 actually did not have even a single scene of any characters smoking. It was a very remarkable year especially to the concerned individuals and anti-tobacco groups. The movies that showcased smoking scenes were actually required to get an “R” rating. The Motion Picture Association of America or MPAA spokesperson, Elizabeth Kaltman said that as smoking is deadly for the human health, in case an individual has never smoked one, it is actually a good omen. She also mentioned that almost 75% of all the movies which have smoking scenes already got an “R” rating and that is good news to filter the scenes corresponding to the movie’s viewers.

The controversy about electronic cigarette, a battery operated, smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette, being officially not yet proven safe and effective, is in its continuous journey as scientific studies and researches are ongoing. However, as claimed healthier than the regular tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have reached the spotlight in the movie industry and it’s onset to the Hollywood made some movies blockbuster and talk of the town.

The e-cigarettes wild fire like spread in popularity have been brought to the mainstream attention in the world box office hit movie, “The Tourist”, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. It is the first Hollywood blockbuster movie that showcased e-cigarette in film when Johnny Depp put out his e-cig inside the train and started to vape without bothering anyone.

Hopefully, the onset of e-cigs in the Hollywood industry would bring increased awareness about electronic cigarette to the public.

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