E-Cigarettes are Saving Lives

In any discussion of the benefit to be found with an electronic cigarette the question of health concerns arises. This is not surprising when you consider the amount of misinformation that has been spread by tobacco and pharmaceutical companies who are concerned about competition from electronic cigarette companies. Even the FDA gave in to pressure of tobacco lobbyists and issued vague “concern” about the safety of electronic smoking products.

With about 4000 chemical and carcinogens, it’s not difficult to accept the health risk of tobacco products. Consumers are smart today and able to evaluate the benefits offer by e-cigarettes for themselves once they are given access to honest information. There is no question that inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco might be more dangerous than breathing in a water vapor.

The vapor delivers to e-smokers contains flavor and nicotine. E-cigs contain about 20 ingredients that have been tested and deemed safe to use. Vapor is produced by propylene glycol which is not the dangerous, toxic antifreeze ingredient some claim. Ethylene glycol is the common ingredient in antifreeze and is not present in electronic cigarettes. PG has been approved as an ingredient for more than forty years.

Propylene glycol in E-cigs have been accepted as a safe ingredient for human consumption since 1942 and has been tested extensively in inhalant form. PG does not accumulate in the body or irritate mucous membranes of the throat. In fact, there is some indication that propylene glycol may actual be beneficial in prevent some respiratory diseases.

The lack of harm to the environment is another benefit of the electronic cigarette. People around an e-smoker are not subjected to second hand smoke as the vapor mist dissipates quickly like steam does when water is boiled.

Once again smokers can relax in their favorite chair while they enjoy an e-cigarette. The stale odor we associate with smokers is nonexistent and with no risk to family and friends, e-smokers can indulge their habit anywhere they want. No longer must you stand outside in bad weather just to grab a hit of nicotine.

E-smokers will not start a fire in their home if they fall asleep while smoking and there is not need for matches and lighters to be left where children might them. Safety is an important focus for many homeowners and electronic cigarettes offer a safe smoking option. No more ashes to drop and no more holes burned in your favorite piece of clothing when you buy e-cigarette (s).

The popularity and sales of e-smokes have risen rapidly as the price of tobacco has increased. A bad economy and need for cash has led to increases in tobacco taxes at the federal level and in many states. It is common for a smoker to pay $5-10 for one pack of standard cigarettes. Even the best e-cigarette will cost the equivalent of $2 per pack. The cost advantage is clear and is reflected in the rapid increase in sales of e-cigarettes and supplies.

The benefits when you buy electronic cigarette (s) touch on safety, comfort and low price. E-cigarettes such as Smokefree are healthier, safer and lower in cost than the tobacco products they are designed to replace. As the benefit of electronic cigarettes becomes recognized by addicted smokers, the sales of electronic cigarettes will continue to rise.

Mary Kay Rivers has become an expert on all facets of electronic cigarettes. Her articles about nicotine pills and patches and how to buy e-cigarette are well-known.

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