E-Cigarettes Welcomed at Nightclubs

in 2008, the imposition of smoking bans all over India had elicited strong opinions from bar crawlers and owners. Health advocates applauded the ban as a victory for non-smokers who want to have a good time but are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke every time they go out at night. On the other side of the spectrum, smokers were crying foul over what they perceive is a curtailment of their freedom. Hardest hit by the ban were night clubs and bars as their popularity levels plummeted and cash registers were affected.

Smoking bans decrease business

Owners of nightclubs, bars and restaurants were worried that the prohibition of public smoking could take away smoking customers and kill their business. Although there is no clear evidence that smoke-free laws can have a significant impact on sales, bar owners whose establishments do not have enough outdoor space have become fidgety with statewide smoking bans coming their way. 

Smoking bans typically prohibit tobacco smoking and the carrying or possession of any lit tobacco product in enclosed spaces. Fines can reach up to Rs 200 per day for businesses caught breaking the law. If an individual is caught smoking in a smoke-free zone, he or she will be required to promptly put the cigarette out.

Can the E-cigarette save nightclubs and bars?

For smokers who love clubbing and dining, e-cigarettes are truly heaven sent. Electronic cigarettes are the best way to get around smoking bans because they do not contain tobacco nor produce smoke. Take your electronic cigarette with you anywhere you go and light up anytime without getting that familiar scowl from non-smokers or paying hefty fines.

Nightclub owners are loving the e-cigarette too. With the e-cig, smokers are back in their fold and rejuvenating liquor and food sales. The electronic cigarette is an instant conversation starter, the moment it lights up,  people watch it in fascination, or wonder why you are smoking in public, until you tell them that you’re not.

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