E-cigs keep Guests Staying Longer and Spending More

The imposition of smoking bans all over the country has elicited strong opinions from bar crawlers and owners. Health advocates are applauding the ban as a victory for non-smokers who want to have a good time but are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke every time they go out at night. On the other side of the spectrum, smokers are crying foul over what they perceive is a curtailment of their freedom.

Smoking bans decrease business

Owners of nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos are worried that the prohibition could take away smoking customers and kill their business. Although there is no clear evidence that smokefree laws can have a significant impact on sales, bar owners whose establishments do not have enough outdoor space have become fidgety with statewide smoking bans coming their way.

Smoking bans typically prohibit tobacco smoking and/or the carrying or possession of any lit tobacco product in enclosed spaces. Fines can reach up to $200 per day for businesses caught breaking the law. If an individual is caught smoking in a smoke-free zone, he or she will be required to put the cigarette out or step outside and pay a $50 fine.

Can the e-cigarette save nightclubs and bars?

For smokers who love clubbing and gaming, e-cigarettes are truly heaven sent. E-cigarettes are the best way to get around smoking bans because they do not contain tobacco nor produce smoke. Take your e-cigarette with you anywhere you go and light up anytime without getting that familiar scowl from non-smokers or paying hefty fines. Nightclub owners are loving the e-cigarette too. With the e-cig, smokers are back in their fold and rejuvenating liquor and food sales.

In the past, smoking at a bar or club was as common as ordering another round, but the spate of regulations and laws banning smoking in licensed establishments in recent years is changing the landscape. In the 27 states and numerous localities where smoking is banned in bars, clubs and restaurants, operators are scrambling to figure out how to keep smoking patrons on the premises while remaining in compliance as well as finding ways to supplement lost revenues as a result of the new rules.

That’s where electronic cigarettes come into play. Operators now can offer smokers — and curious non-smokers-a healthier cheaper alternative to regular cigarettes, keeping them in bars and clubs longer and spending more. Additionally, in places where smoking is permitted, e-cigarettes can help owners assuage guests who might not return if they’re constantly engulfed in cigarette smoke. It adds an additional aspect to someone’s evening to try something they’ve never tried before. And, it will curb their appetite to have a real cigarette.

One thing remains true: The e-cigarette is a conversation-starter — an intriguing accessory that has customers doing the legwork through their own word-of-mouth marketing.

Electric cigarettes are taking hold around the country, thanks to word-of-mouth marketing coupled with the promise of large profit margins and generally happier clientele. The bottom line is that including e-cigarettes among the offerings at your bar or club will have you seeing through the smoke to limitless profit potential.

The biggest problem keeping e-cigarettes from full-on market dominance is uneducated guests but that can be overcome as more people begin to understand the e-cigarette concept. Louis Rossi, president of Worldwide Distributing, LLC, which sells Clayton e-cigarettes, explains that “when you look at all the factors involved — the bar owners keeping customers happier and in seats instead of outside smoking — it’s just a better atmosphere for patrons. Customers use them more and more. It’s a fantastic alternative.”

In fact, the benefits of selling e-cigarettes at bars and clubs don’t just make smokers happy, they create a welcome environment for all types of clientele.

It’s just the courtesy to other people, especially on a crowded night. A lot of people feel the pressure from their group of friends. They like the idea of smoking something that doesn’t bother anyone else. Some people are opting for them as a courtesy to other people. Because there is no odor or lingering smoke, guests are more apt to try e-cigarettes so they can hang around their non-smoking friends, contributing to a friendlier environment and a thriving atmosphere. You’re not just selling a product to bars and nightclubs, you’re selling a solution to a problem.

A problem-solving device that makes your operation money certainly is rare in the fickle bar and nightclub business. Not to mention, electric cigarettes can help your bar or club gain notoriety in your area. When you’re in a club environment with music going, with videos going, e-cigarettes just add to it. As you walk around and are puffing on it — between the flavor and how long it lasts and the light — it’s cool.



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