E-cigs offer Freedom from Guilt,Smoke & Danger

Not particularly in US, cigarette smokers all over the world these days are finding it more and more difficult to find a nice open place to puff around cigarettes. By now, quite a huge majority of people is very well aware of the fact that second hand smoke from conventional smoking is very hazardous, or sometimes even fatal to health, in addition to other medical complications, for the non-smokers who inhale it, courtesy to smokers around them. That is why more and more states (and more countries as well) are putting a sever ban on public smoking, making it quite difficult for smokers to relax themselves out as they once used to be. Though quite right, but still quite irritating and unsettling for smokers. Well, the smokefree electric cigarette surges up as a solution acceptable to a huge majority of smokers as well as non smokers.

The e-cigarettes have emerged as excellent and healthy substitute of conventional tobacco smokes very recently, for the reason that they can cater the craving of nicotine for smokers quite well without any side effects like bad breath, stinky clothes, blackened lips, pale skin and wrinkled face. One of the best things about the e-cig is that many doctors and dentist also recommend it to those who cannot or do not want to get rid of smoking at any cost, since it caters the cravings of smokers all over the world without exposing them to health hazards associated with conventional tobacco smoking.

It produces a simulation of real cigarette in an astonishingly harmless way by emitting a mist of nicotine and glycol vapor without other harmful chemical ingredients emitted by tobacco burning, like carbon monoxide and cancer causing carcinogens. Thus, with every passing day the number of people resorting to the electronic cigarette is on the rise making it one of the most sought after items of present times.


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