E-smoking is allowed Everywhere!

The average consumer has been bombarded with negative information about cigarettes for years. An estimated 400,000 American persons die from smoking related deaths each year. Tobacco cigarettes have been found to cause cancer and cardio vascular disease, and are linked to high blood pressure and diabetes, among other illnesses. Even second hand smoke has been proven to have adverse medical affects. Because of this, many states and counties within the United States have banned smoking in public places, leaving many smokers out in the cold, sometimes literally.

Just recently, an alternative to conventional cigarettes has come on the market in the United States. The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution. In addition to delivering inhaled nicotine, electric cigarettes provide a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, but without involving tobacco or any form of combustion in its operation, and totally smokefree.

How do electronic cigarettes work? Though there are many variations on the market today, from the “pen-style” to those that look like an actual tobacco cigarette, e-cigarettes generally employ the same basic components: circuitry, a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a mouthpiece, and all models operate in the same basic way. When it is inhaled upon, the air activates the atomizer to vaporize a small amount of liquid contained within the cartridge in the filter, which is in actuality a plastic mouthpiece.

Electric cigarettes mimic tobacco cigarettes in many ways. The nicotine cartridges come in varying strengths (high, medium, low or zero nicotine), as well as tobacco or menthol flavoring. Upon inhalation, a dose of nicotine courses through the body. However, there are marked differences between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes contain nicotine, they do not contain cancer carcinogens such as tar. There is no flame involved, so fire is less likely to occur with electric cigarettes. Since there is no fire, there is no ash to be flung about with the electric cigarette and the vapor has the appearance of smoke, but neither smells nor lingers. The waste from electronic cigarettes is considerably less. Instead of as many as twenty cigarette butts and one or two empty boxes, there is one small plastic mouthpiece and one cartridge. The positive impact on the environment from that alone is staggering.

E-cigs can also save the user money. Many smokers spend upwards of $1000 on cigarettes every year. However, the cost of electronic cigarettes is around Rs 20 per cartridge in comparison to regular cigarettes. One cartridge for electronic cigarettes has been known to last the equivalent of one entire pack of regular cigarettes. Reasonably priced electric cigarettes can be found with ease online, along with replacement cartridges, mouthpieces and batteries.

Knowing that smoking tobacco cigarettes is harmful to their health and the health of others has caused some to attempt to stop smoking. Though e-cigs have not been tested or proven to aid in smoking cessation, many electric cigarette reviews found online have stated an ease in transition from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The growing benefits of electronic cigarettes are quickly making this device one of the greatest little discoveries of our time.

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