Electric Cigarette – Modern Version Of A Fairy’s Magical Stick

One item that has gained quite an unprecedented level of mass popularity very recently is Electric Cigarette. Some recent surveys and reports by authorities as credible as BBC report people claiming to have witnessed sales as high as 1000 units per month at a number of leading retail stores.

In 2012, the Smokefree electronic cigarette attracted millions of people who used to smoke for addiction, style or affection. Initially, the e-cigarette was only sold online but with rise in huge popularity within India, it eventually reached the shopping malls and local convenient stores like 24/7. The Smokefree Electric cigarette experts have successfully managed a product that guarantees smoking pleasures to users without affecting their health. More than 4000 chemical additives are produced as a result of tobacco burning in traditional smoking, which is clinically tested to be cause of lungs and heart disorder. An e-cigarette uses a small electrical mechanism which includes no combustion or burning process to produce smoke. Vapors are inhaled by the users which only contain nicotine to stimulate smoking pleasure for users. Levels of nicotine consumption help users to monitor their consumption strength over small, medium and large echelons which facilitate users to drop down the strength of nicotine dose with time. For optimized experience it is important to buy a quality brand such as Smokefree which guarantees the durability of the product.

The main reason behind bursting success of Smokefree India e-cigs is the fact that these innovative technological gadgets are considered as safe and healthier alternative to conventional smoking that exposed a staggering majority of people to a host of serious health implications, even claiming lives of millions of people every year. Most successful e-cig companies attribute their success to the increased awareness that conventional cigarettes are a ticket to self destruction.

Conventional smoking involves tobacco combustion which is perhaps the worst kind of pollution in itself. The smoke released as a result of tobacco combustion contains about 4000 hazardous chemicals, some of which are linked with causing various cancers in human beings. About 43 of these chemicals, most predominantly the carcinogens, are reveled to have great links in triggering cancer in human body. In addition to that it also releases tar and carbon monoxide serving to pollute environment in which we breathe as well.

The Smokefree e cigarette on the other hand is not known to have any health implications of such consequences. It also relieves smokers from constantly raising financial expenses of tobacco smoking. A reliable e-cig lasts as long as 20 normal cigs, thus contributing in significant financial savings for smokers.






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