The E-cig is a Smoke full of Surprises

It is true that smokers all over the world are indented to find a safe exit for their mortal smoking habit. According to latest smoking news alone in US more than 4000 people are dying with acute lungs and heart diseases and these disorders are more commonly found in smokers. It is a fact that carbon monoxide is produced in tobacco combustion, that is inhaled by the smokers which, on merging into blood becomes source of arteries blockage to affect normal blood pumping and may give a heart attract.

Electric Cigarette is based on unique electrical mechanism it eradicated the concept of any kind of burning process. Electronic cigarettes consist of the Atomizer, which draws solution from the cartridge where, it boiled to produce vapors. Vapors are free of any kind of chemicals which can affect user’s health. There are number of other associated benefits which make electric cigarette widely popular among the people & celebrities alike.

Smokers all over the world are facing hard smoking bans, which have made their life smoking habit miserable. They cannot find a smoking zone at most of the places. E-cigarette does not produce any kind of smoke or harmful substances which can affect the health of people who are exposed to it. So, using e cigs, you would be free to use it anywhere, even in the restaurant and airports.

Electronic cigarette India is an affordable gadget, which gives its users absolute smoking relief without taking away cigarette pleasure and affecting health. Many folks are still unaware of electric cigarette as absolute solution for all worries related to firm smoking habit. Smoking is not just about tobacco addiction; it’s also about cigarette affection. Keeping in view all smoking elements experts have come up with the E Cigarette. Its inside mechanism is unique and has ability to satisfy smoking carving without affecting health of users.

E Cigarette consists of atomizer, cartridge and rechargeable batteries. Atomizer boils nicotine solution which produces vapors; these vapors are safe to inhale. Electric cigarette are entirely smokefree, which is source of cancer and other health disorders in conventional smoking.

Cartridge contains nicotine solution. These solutions are available in different flavors as per need and style of users. Nicotine solution is synthetic which is proved to be safe for users. There is a small sensor at the tip of an electric cigarette which senses inhaling process every time to blink a red light which is perfect camouflaging for real flame. Batteries give electric signal to atomizer. Many companies offer rechargeable batteries with USB and plug-play chargers which are convenient to charge batteries anywhere.

E Cigarettes are free of any restriction users can use it anywhere, since it does not become source of discomfort for people around the users. Active e-cig users have claimed that they are satisfied with product. They do not feel morning cough and fast breathing any more. Buy an e-cigarette to enjoy a complete smokefree healthier alternative for harmful traditional smoking.

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