Add a Cartomizer to your E-cig Collection!

Smokefree has a new addition for your e-cig collection.



Many e-cigs are called “3 piece” units, consisting of the battery, atomizer, and cartridge. Most new users start out with this type of set up. The cartridge/atomizer combination can work well for many people, but some start to find it bothersome to frequently refill the cartridge with e-liquid. There is an answer to this situation, and it is called the cartomizer (“carto” for short). A cartomizer is a device consisting of an atomizer and cartridge all in one piece that connects to the battery of your electric cigarette.

Advantages of a Cartomizer are the following:

•Easy handling: This product includes the integrated atomizer and cartridge in one, making using manageable and convenient.

•No dripping: Old models without the cartromizer, has brought about so much issues on dripping liquid nicotine. The new cartromizer has sealed in the cartridge in a secure tube. No more mess that can shorten the life of the electric cigarette. This problem has been addressed.

•Consistent performance: The cartomizer can easily be refilled for your convenient use. A buyer can get one cartridge and the atomizer in one. A new atomizer with each new refill provides consistency in performance, and the gadget provides enough heat for proper vaporization.
•Storage capacity: The new cartomizers are very convenient to store in can be managed in small cases or boxes. The new cartomizers can make e cigarettes last longer and keep the quality.

There are many types of cartomizers. Some have polyfill that can hold up to 30 drops of e-liquid, others have a “tank” that is filled using a tiny needle and syringe. The type with a “tank” is called a ceramic cartomizer. Many feel the ceramic cartomizers are better because they do not contain polyfill. This decreases the risk of bacteria growth, especially if they are refilled.

Cartomizers are sometimes advertised as disposable devices, and they are indeed lower in cost than an atomizer/cartridge combo. It is possible to refill a cartomizer many times. Some vapers have reported filling cartomizers over twenty times. There is no difference in the taste or flavor of the e-liquid in your e-cigarette when used in a cartomizer.

Refilling your own cartridges is cheaper. Using cartomizers is more convenient. How you prepare your e cigarette is up to you!

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