Electronic Cigarettes Are Definitely Making Their Mark

The harmful effects of tobacco and smoking are increasingly becoming evident to a majority of people, therefore, an increasing number of smokers are willing to quit smoking to keep at bay from such a harm and danger not only to their health and well being, but for their loved ones’ as well. Nowadays, majority of such people is finding an electronic cigarette a great help in achieving this much yearned feat.

One of the most unsafe aspects of conventional tobacco smoking is the fact that it releases some 4000 hazardous chemical compounds, to the extent that some of them known as carcinogens, are held responsible as primary cause for triggering cancer, while the exact nature of a huge majority of those is still unknown to humans.

Though, nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but it is those carcinogens and other chemical additives that pose a real threat to health and well being of a person, and electric cigarettes definitely offer a safe waiver from that. They basically imitate real cigs by producing a mist of vaporized smoke comprising of relatively harmless nicotine mixture comprising of nicotine and a harmless acid. This caters the physical and mental craving associated with conventional smoking in a safe and healthy way, for humans as well as environment.

These features have enticed many smokers to turn to e-cigarettes as a perfect alternative to conventional smoking. The idea of getting rid of smoking with keeping up smoking is such an incentive that only a foolish person would deem ineffective. That is why the sales of e-cigs are witnessing an upward trend all across the world.

The decision of quitting the smoking is one of the best decisions in life that a smoker can take. Arthur A. Hawkins II who penned the famous book on quitting, “Smokefree”, once said, “Fortunately, there’s more than one way to quit smoking . . . the catch is you must choose the smarter cigarettes which are Smokefree, the healthier alternative.

If a person has the determination, so many things in the market can help. The yesteryears were marked with the presence of the nicotine patches. They were known to help, however they did not work for everyone. They cause a lot of behavior problems and irritability on the part of the smoker. The nicotine chambers of the e-cigarettes are designed in a way that the amount of the nicotine can be adjusted. Therefore, the people who wish to quit can simply keep on reducing the amount of nicotine intake as the time passes.


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