Electronic Cigarettes Are Revolutionising the Market

Times are moving fast these days; everything is either becoming digitalized or electronic. Who would have thought that cigarettes would find themselves wandering down this path of modern evolution. Well it’s true, electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more prominent in today’s world and it’s starting to become a very competitive market. Consumers are constantly looking for the safest option in today’s health conscious environment, and this inevitably means producers are out to create the best e-cigs to get ahead of the game. All of this results in a safer, nicotine world, and slowly but surely we are seeing the traditional cigarette become obsolete.

While smoking regular cigarettes is considered a taboo of sorts and most sections of the society shun those individuals who fall in the category of chain smokers, those that smoke electric cigarettes are undoubtedly considered a healthy lot. So, how do electronic cigarettes stand apart from the rest of the crowd and allow smokers to smoke daily without inflicting the usual health hazards attached to cigarette smoking?

E-cigs are preferred over regular cigarettes for the very simple reason that it offers the end user a better way to smoke. While these cigarettes are definitely free from tobacco, they are also free from the several carcinogens that are always present in regular cigarettes. It is a well known fact that smoking regular cigarettes can prove to be fatal for the overall health of the concerned individual as a single cigarette contains over 67 known carcinogens. These carcinogens can cause several chronic ailments, including cancer, respiratory tract infections as well as cardiac issues in human beings.

E-cigarettes allow smokers to smoke absolutely anywhere. This simply implies that the concerned smoker can actually smoke even in public places with utmost ease. On the contrary, smoking regular cigarettes in public places has several restrictions attached and smokers usually need to head for a special smoking zone in a bid to satisfy their nicotine cravings. This causes a lot of stress amongst smokers and they usually falter with regards to performing their daily chores with ease. On the contrary, people puffing on electric cigarettes are free to smoke in public places, which in turn help increase their productivity levels to a great extent.

Smoking enthusiasts understand the immense benefits of puffing on these smokeless devices. Another benefit of smoking these is the lack of tar or ash, which is usually linked to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Besides, smokers never really complain of suffering from yellow teeth as an electric cigarette does not stain the teeth of the concerned individual, leaving them sparkling white and spotless.

Undoubtedly, electronic cigarettes are highly affordable in nature and less expensive as compared to the regular cigarettes. As per the latest statistical data, it has been revealed that an electronic cigarette is one third the price of a regular cigarette. Hence, a smoking enthusiast who smokes smokefree cigarettes would be saving a whooping 75% on his original smoking bills.

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