E-cigs become party flash sticks!

“My husband’s company has an annual Christmas party for all of their employees and spouses/dates and while we skipped last year’s this time we bit the bullet, dressed up in our best and headed out….me and my flash stick Smokefree in tow (yeah, it doesn’t all fit in a pretty little fancy bag, but I endured with a bigger one lol).

I asked at the front desk of the hotel that was hosting the party and they were perfectly fine with me vaping in their lobby…wherever! This was the Ashok Hotel in Delhi and I was very pleasantly surprised that they were so nice and accommodating, once they understood that I was indulging in a Smokefree act!
Then we headed to the hotels popular nightclub F Bar. I had no idea what the folks my husband works for and what the bouncers were going to think but…well no guts, no glory, right? I had NO idea who to ask about it so after the chit-chat and the dinner I, very tentatively I admit, hauled out my Smokefree e-cigarette and fiddled with it a bit before sneaking in some stealth vapes…and within 15 minutes I was vaping it just as openly as I do at home. Not a batted eyelash…no funny looks….everyone acted like it was the most normal thing in the world and no different than everyone downing drinks or shots… it was great!

I even vaped on my Smokefree electronic cigarette on the dance floor. I asked at the VIP, and had to do some initial explaining, after which I was told that vaping was totally permissible. Not to mention enviable, I thought to myself, as I noticed inquisitive glances. Everyone seemed to have the same expressions: “Is she smoking in here??’ or “Hey, why isn’t that cigarette exuding any smoke?!’

I wanted to share this awesome experience with you since this was a beyond positive experience for me as a vaper. I wonder why you guys dont use e-cigarettes to do what you call ‘smoke’ at smoking prohibited places? I hope that more and more of you smokers satiate your nicotine cravings with e-cigs and enjoy the bonus of fun attention grabbing moments at club,. restaurants and cinemas. C’mon guys, get with it! No one has the right to stop you…but one warning…in the beginning, you’l definitely raise eyebrows and have some ignorant walking towards you, directing you to the smoking cell. Simply offer them an electronic cigarette, and say ‘No smoke, so no choke!’ and then move on to tell them how electronic cigarettes will increase their business! Then have a deep whiff, and enjoy the glamour of your new party accessory!”



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