Electronic cigarettes embraced by the Hollywood elite

People all over the world have been able to get information about electronic cigarettes through the internet and other social media places. Celebrities have not been left behind and information about actors who smoke e-cigs are available on the internet and this shows how e-cigs has made an impact all over the world. Not only will you see ordinary people on television vaping electronic cigarettes but also Hollywood stars have joined the league. Holly wood actors even use e-cigs in their movies and as we all know movies are an influential medium in shaping fashion and the trend for the public.

Some of the first people to embrace the use of electronic cigarettes are the Hollywood stars and this was no surprise. It is just funny how they influence peoples lives to the extent that they try to imitate them in terms of clothes, drinking habit, eating habit and even smoking habit. The explosion of e cigarettes popularity has extended to the Hollywood movie industry and many celebrities are using this product. Leonardo Dicaprio is the most high profile actor to be spotted with an electronic cigarette and also an actress by the name of Nikki Reid other celebrities who are using electronic cigarettes includes Danny Benaducce, Kevin Connolly of entourage, Parade Tom and Johnny Depp.

According to US Weekly Magazine, Mel Gibson enjoyed an electronic cigarette while attending a private house party in Hollywood. The famous actor, known for his roles in Mad Max and Braveheart, was seen mingling with other major celebrities while using the hand-held electronic device. Mel Gibson has a well-documented history of struggling with his addiction to traditional cigarettes and seemed happy with the smoking alternative. Sources from the private party saw him leaving with the device.

Also attending the private party, according to US Weekly, was “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven who was also seen using an e-cigarette. He joins costar Jerry Ferrara who plays the character “Turtle” on the hit HBO show as celebrities who have used electronic cigarettes. The device has really started to gain momentum with health conscious celebrities in Hollywood that wants to kick the habit but keep their stylish party lifestyle.

The electronic cigarettes fraternity are thrilled that big shots such as Mel Gibson and Jeremy Piven are enjoying tobacco-free e-cigarettes. E-cig companies feel honored that such talented and recognizable people have discovered what thousands of people already know – the secret to quitting smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming extremely popular with the Hollywood elite. Celebrities like Kathryn Heigl, Leonardo di Caprio and Uma Thurman have all used electronic cigarettes and have never held a regular cancer-stick again. Electronic cigarettes have received direct endorsements from celebrities like Jerry Ferrara, Trace Cyrus and Jennifer Farley to name a few.


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