Electronic cigarettes Rise to Glory

Electronic cigarettes got invented in the early 20th century but the first few brands were not able to reach enough production and just lapsed for the moment. In the mid 90’s, in China, a newer version of electric cigarettes which are battery powered, were invented by Hon Lik. He got the inspiration from his father who died due to lung cancer. His invention was a tobacco cigarette look a like but smokefree so as to void out the risk to human’s health. In 2006, e-cigs were able to reach United Kingdom and United States. The growth of e-cigs marketed about %500 a year in the UK alone wherein by the 2nd quarter of 2011, almost 200,000 to 400,000 users owned the revolutionized electronic vaporizer. And in the US, growth is way uphill stronger as presently, there are 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 users.

This just shows e-cigarette’s rising popularity. Smokers tend to switch to using electronic cigarettes simply because they still can get their nicotine fix in the same behavior of puffing and at the same time, users risks to several respiratory diseases drop as e-cigs are extremely not dangerous nor harmful to human and the environment. There is nothing in the vapor that can cause cancer or heart disease since e-cigarettes eliminates combustion and smoke. An electronic cigarette is mainly composed of a battery, a cartridge, which holds the nicotine and liquid flavoring, and an atomizer, which heats the liquid element to produce the vapor users see as they puff.

A great deal of research has been carried out on e-cigarettes by a number of professors, health officials, and concerned organizations and majority state, and obviously, e-cigs are way safer than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Having this said, e-cigs should be introduced globally as fast as possible as substitute to tobacco cigarettes because with e-cigs, thousands of lives can be saved.

At the current time, electronic cigarettes can be legally imported, owned, and used in Europe, US, and other countries.

However, there had been a lot of struggles as certain individuals and agencies are opposing to distribution and usage of the said product. Why else would anyone object to something that will save hundreds of thousands of lives? For some, the rising popularity of e-cigs can can cause lost of fortune, thus sadly priority is being granted to maintain the current income flow over saving of lives and even saving the environment. The pharmaceutical industry is mainly the most affected party here. With e-cigarettes, their quit-smoking medicines and nicotine replacement therapies such as gums, patches, and lozenges will not be needed or wanted by the consumers anymore. They will lose millions and billions in global sales of their products therefore to avoid this, they are fighting very eager to ban and restrict e-cigarettes. As you can notice, whenever there is an opposition to electronic cigarettes, there’s always a pharmaceutical related individual or group funding it. Come on, why buy drugs from them which are as expensive or more than smoking tobacco when e-cigarettes are available as an alternative to smoking and cost is just the same or cheaper? And in reality, most NRTs fail to work or ineffective, thus users tend to go back to their smoking habit while majority of smokers who switched to electronic cigarettes eventually kick off their smoking habits.

Many years have passed since e-cigs were invented, but there is actually no single incident of death or serious disease has been reported caused by the use of electronic cigarettes.

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