Electronic Cigarettes take the world by storm

If you were to ask those who use e cigarettes, they are likely to tell you that it’s made plenty of friends, which is probably why there are still more and more e cig companies being formed. There is a genuine feeling that the electronic cigarette, either in its current form or some future evolved form is here for the long term as a genuine healthy alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Initially, debates had been heated and governments around the world had taken radically different stances on the product, meaning that in some countries its sale was not permitted while in others it was relatively unrestricted and its market growth is nothing short of staggering! But eventually,the logic behind e cigs have won most people over, as research has proved that e cigs beat nicotine patches and nicotine gum hollow and are definitely the most reliable and effective alternative to smoking normal cigarettes.

An article written online about electric cigarettes in the autumn of 2009, yielded a Google search of 6 million results. Less than two years later and that same search now returns more than 40 million results. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the phenomenal growth and indeed success regarding all things electronic smoking!

It is very obvious how the final chapters will turn out in the e-cigarette story. The world will see an evolved e cig universally approved as a genuine alternative to tobacco smoking! Every region of the world will be embracing e smoking as their health , economical, social, financial and ecological advantages can only get increasingly obvious.

Regardless, for the time being, e cigarettes continue to go from strength to strength with apparent support in many areas. People who use e cigs as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, certainly seem convinced that they have found an alternative worth fighting for.

Much has been made of the product’s vapour which gives the impression of smoke when the user exhales. Upon closer inspection, the vapour quickly disperses and doesn’t linger in the atmosphere like tobacco smoke and neither does it leave behind an unpleasant odour which clings to clothes or breath in the way tobacco smoke does. E-cigs are totally smokefree.

In fact, there seem to be plenty of reasons why e smokers prefer this electronic way of smoking and users, probably now in their millions, hope the e cigarette is here to stay!


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