Even President Obama owns an e-cigarette

Barack Obama has reportedly tried to quit smoking several times. His good-humored waffling in various interviews about smoking made it plain that Mr. Obama, like many who have vowed to quit at this time of year, had not truly done so.

He told Tom Brokaw of NBC several weeks ago, for example, that he “had stopped” but that “there are times where I’ve fallen off the wagon.” He promised to obey the no-smoking rules in the White House, but whether that meant he would be ducking out the back door for a smoke is not known. His transition team declined to answer any questions about his smoking, past or present, or his efforts to quit.

Mr. Obama’s heaviest smoking was seven or eight cigarettes a day, but three was more typical, according to an interview published in the November issue of Men’s Health magazine. In a letter given to reporters before the election, Mr. Obama’s doctor described his smoking history as “intermittent,” and said he had quit several times and was using Nicorette gum as a form of nicotine replacement during campaigns. But he always resorted back to smoking.

In August, 2010, a few days ago, President Obama was celebrating his 49th birthday. Talk show hostess Wendy Williams presented President Obama with an electronic cigarette.
Yes, Williams send e-cigarettes to Obama. However, this is not the first time the President gets e-cigarettes. In 2009, Senator Cliff Stern sent electronic cigarettes to Obama to help him quit smoking.

President Obama used to smoke up to 8 cigarettes per day, but since his campaign days he has been trying to quit smoking. He admitted before to fallen off the wagon, which is normal, but going back on track. He does have a team helping him to quit smoking but no one knows what methods or help he is getting, except for nicotine gum.

President Obama gave e-cigarettes a try and they have helped satiate his nicotine cravings significantly, much more than the patches and gum ever worked on him. Sources quote that the e cig was his greatest health gift ever, and a gadget which has proved to improve the life of a person who has set out to improve an entire country is a very cool gadget indeed.

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