Flash your Fancy Cigarette this New Years Party!


Its Party time, and like so many bars in the United States, Smoking is not allowed. Well with the electronic cigarette, the no smoking ban does not apply. So when you can’t smoke a cigarette, but need to light up, don’t fret with the electric cigarette, no harmful 2nd hand smoke, and all the nicotine your body needs to get you through the party.

A revolutionary new product has made its way into the main stream and is changing the way people get the nicotine fix they need without the chemicals they don’t. Our fantastic e-cigs, e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, smokefree cigarettes or vapor cigarettes. The new amazing electronic nicotine delivery device consists of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge that is filled with a liquid nicotine solution called eliquid or ejuice. Every time you take a puff, the battery powers the atomizer which rapidly heats up the eliquid inside of the cartridge. The liquid turns into a vapor that the user inhales, ultimately transferring nicotine to its user. The vapor is tar free, odorless, 2nd hand smokefree, and carbon monoxide free. It is a revolutionary development and has smokers all over the world making the switch to e-cigarettes.

Smokefree has many traditional flavors that we are sure will be crowd pleasers. Our first custom flavor is vanilla, which is tailored to taste just like old-fashioned ice cream. We dont stop there, we have a delicious coffee flavor that is reminiscent of a latte that you would find at your favorite coffee shop. Also a tangy yummy orange flavour which uplifts your mood and our cherry flavour takes the cake as you treat your tounge to an exotic almost sensual experience. Just enacting the actions of smoking can be such a glamourous and social experience with e cigarettes!

Electronic cigarettes are a great conversation starter, the moment you get started it attracts attention. It may very well fool people around you who try sending you to the non-smoking zone before you explain the innocent devices to them. On the other hand, e cigs are an amazing way to socialize, since they elicit an explanation wherever they go!!


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