Give the gift of health to someone you love…

A good electronic cigarette is the perfect gift for someone you love. if you buy an e-cig as a gift to someone special to you, that will not generate resentment or resistance as the e-cig can be used in any way the smoker chooses. When you buy electronic cigarettes for someone you love, you will offer that person an interesting alternative to tobacco smoking without making a judgement about the smokers habit.

The e cigarette is a great improvement gift because of its flexibility. it can be used to deliver nicotine to a smoker in an area where tobacco use is prohibited. or it can be used to reduce the number of traditional cigarettes smoked each day.

It can be difficult to resist the urge to help a family member who has a habit that endangers his health. however its easy to create hard feelings if you buy a gift that seems to be an attempt to control someones behavior. A gift of stop smoking patches or gum or a ticket to a stop smoking seminar might well be viewed as an attempt to control the person receiving a gift.

Electronic cigarettes and they will be well received because it does not demand a change but simply offers an alternative. many smokers are curious about electronic cigarettes even though they may not order one for themselves. but if you buy e cigarettes and present them as a gift, they sure will give it a try, if its just out of curiosity.

But if you buy an e cigarette and present it as a gift, take the time to evaluate the smokers habit and tailor the nicotine strength of the starter kit to match the smokers current tobacco habit. for a heavy smoker who chooses full flavoured brands, it would be the wrong choice to buy electronic cartridges with a low amount of nicotine. the correct choice for those who smoke full flavoured tobacco would be to buy e cigarette cartridges containing 8mg or 16mg of nicotine at most.

Does your friend smoke Menthol cigarettes? if so, buy electronic cigarettes with menthol flavour. if he buys Light, or Ultra lights, you would choose 6mg or 4mg levels of nicotine for the e cigarette cartridges. you might also choose to buy e cigarette car chargers, USB chargers, wall chargers, or a disposable cigarette for a one time smoke.

There are so many times we would like to provide a gift that would improve someones health. more often than that, such a gift can cause resentment because it seems to be a criticism of habits or appearance. a family member who is obese may be offended by a gift of a diet book or a gym membership. a smoker may take offense at a product that seems to be lecturing them to “quit smoking”.

The e cig gift does not convey any demand but only offers an interesting alternative. the curiosity factor is huge as most smokers have read about electronic cigarette smokers but have never seen an e cig or held one in their hand.

For a birthday, holiday, or any time, an electronic cigarette is the perfect gift for smokers whom you know and love. By offering an alternative to toxic tobacco you make no demands for behavioral changes but provide an option that will lead to improved health. on a totally practical level, you are also providing a much less expensive smoking alternative.

If you are looking to buy an e-cig of a high quality, “Smokefree” is your answer.

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