Heads up: Smokefree Cigarette Cessation Cards Coming Soon

Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes are soon launching another fabulous product: Cigarette Tar & Tobacco Removal Cards…these transformational cards simply eliminate or reduce tar and tobacco levels by simply swiping the cigarette with your card(which looks exactly like a credit card). For people who simply cannot give up smoking, then apart from e-cigarettes, you have the option of resorting to cigarette cards, so that you do not have a compromised smoke in terms of taste, yet the benefit of lower chemical levels.

After all, harm reduction technology is the latest fad now for people who have failed to give up smoking. Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemical compounds and at least 400 toxic substances. When you inhale, a cigarette burns at 700°C at the tip and around 60°C in the core. This heat breaks down the tobacco to produce various toxins. As a cigarette burns, the residues are concentrated towards the butt. The products that are most damaging are tar, carcinogens which increases cholesterol levels in your body, carbon monoxide which reduces oxygen in the body and components of the gas and particulate phases which cause chronic obstructive.

Smokefree Product description

Cigarette harm reduction card is our latest patent invention product refined with 13 macromolecular composite technology like long infrared powder etc. According to test by health agency,it can effectively reduce the toxic and hazardous substance content in cigarette.It can also reduce more than 60% harmful substance in cigarette. Have a magic effect on quit smoking.

Smokefree Product Feature

1,High tech new invention product which can help quit smoking effectively

2,Unique card-like green smoking product,convenient usage

3,Made of 13 kinds of macromolecular composite with long service life

4,Reduce harmful substance in cigarette,Low-grade cigarette refining high-grade cigarette.

5,Improve the qualify of life, and maintain the health.

Smokefree Tobacco & Tar Reduction Cards and Electronic Cigarettes are the latest technological advancements in Cigarette harm reduction today, already creating waves in the US & Europe and gaining momentum in Asia.

Smokefree cigarette cessation cards will be available in all retail outlets soon…


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