Hollywood Hotties who Swear by E-cigs

We are no strangers to celebrities who sometimes behave badly; in fact they can be quite entertaining. Public figures can never really escape the eye of the public. High profile figures such as American president Barrack Obama can’t even sneak a cigarette without risking discovery. However, today’s post is about celebrities who are behaving well and smoking electronic cigarettes in public. Amazingly, even non-smokers react positively to electronic cigarettes as you will see in today’s set of celebrities showing off their electronic cigarettes.

Alan Titchmarsh Waves An Electric Cigarette about on Air

No smoking day in the UK was celebrated by Alan Titchmarsh puffing away on an electronic cigarette. Punctuating his remarks on air by waving his e-cig for emphasis this well known author and broadcaster is just one of many famous personalities to come out publically in favor of smokeless cigarettes. What makes his smoking on air so very remarkable though, is the personality explains that he doesn’t smoke, and asks the audience to “forgive him if he isn’t very good at it”.

David Letterman and Katherine Heigl Share an Electronic Cigarette

What can you say about a pretty blonde like Katherine Heigl with the guts to go on an extremely popular late night talk show and show off her good habits? While smoking may be frowned upon and even prohibited in most places that does not hold true for electronic cigarettes on David Letterman’s set. In fact, the famous late night talk show host, Letterman, was so intrigued by her electronic vapor unit he took a puff or two himself. Heigl describes her e-cigarette as a means of humidifying her space. Well, who says that brains and beauty always go together?

Electronic Cigarette Smoking Leonardo DiCaprio Kicking the Tobacco Habit?

DiCaprio’s struggle to kick the tobacco habit has been well documented for years. The star reports that he suffers from nightmares with the nicotine patch and worse nightmares when he tries to quit. Well, it looks like he has found a way to deal with his addiction and may be on the road to becoming a non-smoker! When spotted puffing on his e-cig while cycling, the device was mistaken by reporters as a real cigarette. Even when behaving well, reporters are likely to assume the worst.

Lindsey Lohan Looking To Kick the Tobacco Habit with Electronic Cigarettes?

Troubled star, Lindsey Lohan certainly has had her share of publicity over her less than healthy choices. She was photographed however puffing on her personal vaporizing unit while under house arrest for probation violation. House arrest may give this beleaguered star time to reconnect with her career and develop some healthier habits as well.

Johnny Depp and His Electronic Cigarette in “The Tourist”

It’s rare that a hero is seen smoking in the movies but this clip shows celebrity Johnny Depp puffing away on an electronic cigarettes as he is approached by a beautiful woman. The scene was typical Johnny Depp and well worth watching. Notice also that he doesn’t perform the usual male smoker ritual of desperately searching for an ashtray or waving the smoke away hoping it doesn’t chase this lovely female away. Score one more point for e cigarettes and of course, Johnny Depp.

Obviously these few high profile names are just a few of many celebrities converting to e cigs and many more celebrities are to be seen out and about puffing away on their personal vaporizer units. Burning tobacco is definitely out of fashion these days and sharing bad habits via second hand smoke is definitely considered rude (not to mention grounds for getting tossed out of hotels, nightclubs and restaurants even for most well known A-lister).


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