How about a Healthy Drag of Nicotine?

Smokefree electronic cigarettes are the modern smoking alternative that look and taste like real cigarettes, but without the tar, ash, or awful smell! Better yet, they’re also welcome in many places where cigarettes are not. No one wants to destroy their body with thousands of chemicals and known carcinogens. But it is just too difficult to give up the pleasure of taking a long, relaxing drag on a cigarette and exhaling a puff of smoke. Luckily, you don’t have to give up this pleasure just to stay healthy! With an e-cig, you get the experience of smoking but without any of the harmful side effects.

You may have already noticed that electric cigarettes are a new fad in the Hollywood. It’s a fact that celebrities do a lot to improve or boost the image of a product once they have been seen using it and in the last years there is an increasing number of movie and music stars that have been seen using e-cigs instead of real ones. And, as they all say, it is much better than the real thing in so many ways.

Sometimes when you see a shot of some of them it can be a bit difficult to check if they are smoking a real cigarette but there have been shots from big Hollywood events where some of the movie stars have been smoking indoors. Kevin Connolly, better known as E from Entourage has been photographed in one such event and in the later interview he said that he is very thankful for e-cigs because now he doesn’t have to endure through rain, harsh weather and isolation every time he wants to go light a smoke.

Mr. Connolly is far from being the only TV and movie actor that has been using e-cigs lately. Even Lindsay Lohan, who has been known for her reckless lifestyle has decided to choose a healthier path so she started using electronic cigarettes. As she says, that is just one step on the path towards a better life. Kate Moss, a supermodel known for her scandalous photos and celebrity stunts has been caught on camera with an Electronic cigarette more than several times.

It does make one wonder why there are not so many e cigarettes in the movies? The big screen used to have a lot of actors smoking real tobacco but we have still failed to see someone smoking an e-cigarette in a motion picture? Due to the fact that a lot of actors have been seen promoting a healthier lifestyle by choosing electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco it is a matter of time before we see someone smoking in a movie.

Even Twilight stars Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed have been seen with e-cigarettes which did a lot for promotion of healthier ways among teen audience. These divas from the popular vampire drama have shown that you can avoid all the health risks. And, speaking of popular actors, we have to mention Leonardo DiCaprio, a man who was one of the earliest users of electronic cigarettes. This famous actor was seen in public with this device for the first time several years ago and he has on numerous occasions told people about how he finally managed to find a better way to keep his favorite vice and stay healthy at the same time. So, if they are using it, why wouldn’t you as well? After all, it is a great way to stay cool, stay healthy and enjoy the aroma that you love so much at the same time as well.

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