How do I “smoke” this thing?:

First off, we do not “smoke” an e-cig; we “vape.” This terminology may come in handy if you are in a restaurant or bar that has a “no smoking” policy. Thank goodness you are only vaping!

Why is my battery flashing me?: There are two times that a battery may start blinking. Some electric cigarette models have an automatic cutoff built into the batteries that temporarily shuts the battery down after it has been activated for 5-7 continuous seconds. This is actually a safety mechanism built in to keep people from burning out their atomizers. For those of you that prescribe to the “damn the toredoes; full speed ahead” mentality, you can trick e cigs that have a battery cutoff by using it for four seconds, backing off for a split second and then starting over again for another 5-7 seconds (surely a 10-12 second drag is enough, isn’t it?).

All e cigarette batteries eventually need to be recharged. You will notice that the more a battery gets drained, the poorer the ecigarette performs (sort of like me at midnight). Eventually, your e cigarette battery will become completely drained and need a recharge. You don’t have to guess when this happens. Your e-cigarette will let you know by flashing repeatedly. Unlike the blinky thing that happens when you try to use a battery for too many consecutive seconds, a dead battery will begin to flash immediately when you try to use it and no vapor will be produced.

ONE FINAL NOTE ON USING YOUR E CIG: There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using an e-cigarette. It has been estimated that it takes one or two months for beginners to get to the point where they are completely at ease with using their e-cigarette. There are also many different ways of vaping. Some people like to take multiple small puffs (sometimes called “sips” or “mouthfuls”) in succession with small intakes of air in between each sip. Those that utilize this method claim that it is easier on the throat and that it allows them to taste the flavor of the e-liquid better. Others – especially those who are looking for a “throat hit” – like to take one long drag directly into their lungs. You may want to experiment with each method. In time, you will find a way that works best for you (no two people do it the same).

My Atomizer Is Getting Really Hot – Is This Normal?: An atomizer will definitely get warm while you are using it. If it gets really hot, the vapor production actually decreases. It is best to give the atomizer at least a fifteen second break between drags. This will not only prolong the life of the atomizer, but it will result in better vapor production for you.

How Do I Fill My Cartridge With E-Liquid?: If you planned ahead, you probably purchased some e-liquid (also called e-juice) with your e-cigarette. Filling a cartridge, whether it was a prefilled cartridge or if it is a “blank” is really quite simple; you simply need to add one drop of e-liquid at a time until the filter becomes saturated. A perfectly filled cartridge will look like a “slushy.” There are only three things to remember here:

- If after adding a drop, it still looks like gauze, it needs at least one more drop.

- If after adding a drop, it looks like a little lake, it has one drop too many (not a big deal).

- If after adding a drop, it looks like a slushy, it is perfect and ready to be used!

Depending on the model of electronic cigarette you have, if it is a standard “mini” e-cigarette a completely dry, blank cartridge will take 10-14 drops to fill. “Super minis” take less and “pen styles” – like a DSE801 – take two to three times that much to fill. If your cartridge has previously been filled and you are just “topping it off,” it could take anywhere from two to five drops to get the “slushy” effect. Also, if you are observant when filling a cartridge, you will notice that small air bubbles start to form just before the drop that makes it a perfect slushy!

How Do I Know When I Need To Add More E-Liquid?: When the amount of vapor decreases or when it begins to taste like you are “smoking” a sock, it is time to “top off” your cartridge. Believe me, you’ll know!

How do I Keep from Getting E-Juice in My Mouth?: The number one reason people get e-liquid in their mouths, is that they are holding their E-cigarette incorrectly. Your e-cig needs to be angled so that it is pointing slightly downward toward the floor. If the battery end is higher than the mouthpiece, it is a simple matter of gravity taking over, causing the liquid to flow downhill into your mouth.

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