How E-smoking helped Saurabh shed off calories

After smoking for 5 years, Saurabh has switched over to the e-cig and lost amazing weight from his before and after photos. His belly fat reduced and began feeling more healthier. He was just a social smoker, but after trying the Smokefree e-cigarette he fell in love with the device as well as his new figure and journey to a healthier lifestyle!

He started to drift away from normal cigarettes and began smoking the electronic cigarette. Since he was using the e-cig, he didn’t have urges to eat more while trying to avoid the nicotine cravings, like most do.

This switch allowed Saurabh to save more money (due to Electronic cigarette cartridges being more affordable then regular cigarettes) as well as still getting his nicotine fix turning his life into the dream he always wished for.

“The e-cigarette changed my life. It never felt so easy to accomplish 3 major goals at one time in my life ( an alternative to smoking, lose weight, and find that perfect someone), and do it so quickly. After purchasing your starter kit within 7 days, I began to immediately hate smoking regular cigarettes. Not only that, every time I tried quitting cigarettes I would blow up like a balloon, because I was finding something else to avoid cigarettes.

Not this time, The e-cigarette is just like a regular cigarette and I still get my nicotine fix. Not only that, my belly weight started to reduce and my life started to turn around as you can see in my photo. I am also now happily married and doing extremely well in my job. I know it has to do with taking that initial step in deciding to switch over to the e-cigarette. The rest really happened automatically.

I really believe the ease of transition from regular cigarettes to now enjoying a smoke on the e-cigarette, without hurting me or my wife has been a huge part of my success. Some think it’s crazy how I changed my lifestyle, but I really owe it to e-cigs.

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