How Electronic Cigarettes Shot to Fame

Electronic cigarettes is a new electronic product, it has the same appearance, taste, feeling with cigarettes, and the same as cigarette that smoke can be sucked out. But it is not really smoke. This smoke is caused by air sensing switch, intelligent control circuits, smart chip, high-tech lithium-ion batteries and other microelectronic devices. It is essentially different from cigarettes.

Comparison with ordinary cigarettes
Firstly, more healthy. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, E-cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, so it will not cause any harm to smokers. In addition, the nicotine solution formed by the aerosol spray, aerosol rapidly diluted in the air. And the low-density Aerosol is hard to be absorbed. So it does not form a second-hand smoke. Therefore, the e-cigs will not endanger the health of smokers, but also will not endanger the health of those around them. Secondly, more secure. E-cigarettes does not burn, not produce fire, does not contain a fire hazard. Thirdly, more friendly to environment. Electronic cigarettes does not burn, not produce soot, and will not produce cigarette. Besides, e-cigarettes does not produce electromagnetic radiation.

Function of E – CIGARETTE:
Relieving cravings and has more significant effects in stopping smoking. Its best feature is the ability to replace ordinary cigarettes, and enable your body to become more healthy.

Principles of E – CIGARETTE
The principle of electronic cigarettes is using nicotine smoke solution from high to low concentration to instead of ordinary tobacco, which makes the body to gradually get rid of nicotine dependence and complete smoking cessation. This is referred to as: “nicotine replacement therapy.”

The composition of E – CIGARETTE
Electronic cigarettes consists of three parts: Tobacco Stems, atomizer, nozzle.
The history of e-cigs. The first electronic cigarette was required to be abroad, because there are a lot of foreign laws and regulations prohibiting smoking in public places, and people abroad generally higher standard of living, the rich and more demanding on the quality of life. So, initially designed to foreign trade and export. At that time, India also had a number of brands, but the prices were very expensive and the quality suffered low patronage. Almost no domestic sales were exports. Therefore, many people didnt even know what e-cigs were. But with the advent of the financial crisis, many have switched to domestic exports, and prices are slowly falling down. But with the advent of the financial crisis, many have switched to domestic exports, and prices are slowly falling down.
Then, the e-cig market came into being, it became very simple, there were profits, there were competitors, unless you’re a monopoly industry. India itself has a large advantage of the electronics industry and foreign trade industries, as well as complete industrial chain for the main functions of e-cig exports.

Later, as the financial crisis, the e-cigarette and ordinary cigarette smoking cessation products conflict with the interests of E-cigarette tobacco companies conducted a series of pressure, also for the foreign trade of India’s electronic products, some surveys smoke. For example, CCTV’s news – in fact, this is a full framed prepared false news, CCTV news is really not all that much water, the same unscrupulous abroad, but more independent of foreign news, so now foreigner to understand very much on the electronic cigarette, the foreign market is still very good.
In their essence, the state control of tobacco products, selling products, monopoly industries, to permit the sale of cigarettes first went to apply for the sale of cigarettes, there is no relationship between the applicants succeed. Because this is a state monopoly. The General Administration of tobacco companies up tobacco, rose from the enterprise to the national departments. Also in foreign countries, nicotine products are state monopolies. Why did the tobacco companies can take more than ten million workers a year salary? Why are all the provinces to protect the province’s smoking ban tobacco products from other provinces into self-reflection market? Because there are huge profits.

The future of e-cig : E – CIGARETTE production received a good welcome in many European countries, and a lot of interviews to foreign vendors, they have very stable client resources, and many state leaders are also used, used in many smokers said the smoke of a pumping feel nothing on the harmful effects of tobacco is not so quickly, many people say that can replace tobacco, not smoking cessation, the tobacco if the can persist down, smoking less and less sure, be sure, tobacco will become more pumping, the-cig will certainly be more pumping less.

Electronic cigarettes have nicotine containing high, medium, low, No four grades are generally sold without nicotine, unless special requirements of our customers have to contain nicotine, but the content is less than the average number of cigarettes, which is why our customers say do not smoke cigarettes enjoyable electronic fundamental reason. Tobacco smoke, and has been interested in electronics in many countries and regions, certification, products are sold around the world, with more and more people demand, the future of e-cigs will be better.

Today, India has Smokefree as its first prominent name in electronic cigarettes, creating waves, turning heads and making headlines today. Smokefree is India’s favourite e-cig brand which has won over thousands of takers in their very first 2 months of operation, due to their sterling quality, high tech components, variety of tobacco flavours and customer support. Smokefree has featured in the Times of India and has dived to popularity in various cities:

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