How To Do The ‘Electric Cigarettes’ Trick

E cigarette magic trick, so by now we all know what electric cigarettes are, and have heard plenty about their numerous benefits, their technological excellence and their power to transform lives. But now its time to add to the magic and show you how you can make two cigarettes move by creating a charge of static electricity in your fingers.

Step 1: Prepare and execute

To build up the charge of static electricity, you need to have a table with a tablecloth on it just like this one. And to build up the charge of static electricity you’ll have to circle your fingers and press them against the table cloth, like this, and take a couple rounds around the e-cigarettes if you like to make it more dramatic. But basically you just need to rub them against the cloth to build up some energy. Now you can keep that static electricity in your fingers by rubbing your fingers, like this. Now look what happens when my fingers approaches the cigarettes, they actually will move. So, take a good look, just like this. Did you see it? The cigarettes move just by releasing that charge of static electricity. You can actually make the electric cigarettes move without touching them.

Step 2: Explanation!

Ok, let’s see what actually went on here. Naturally, there are no static electricity involved and the great thing is that if you hand the cigarettes out and let others try it, they will sit for minutes and they will rub their hands and they will try to make the electric cigarettes move and they won’t be able to do it. All the nonsense about rubbing the tablecloth and creating charges of static electricity is pure presentation and this trick is all about presentation and the idea with the presentation is to get all the focus on the cigarettes and you need all the focus on the cigarettes and you need people’s eyes on the cigarettes so they won’t see that you are actually blowing at the cigarettes. So, you just need to gently blow in between the two cigarettes and that will make them move, but if everyone is looking at the cigarettes, they won’t notice and they can look as if it is your fingers that are, in some mystic way, getting the cigarettes to move. So, this trick is all about presentation and it’s a nice little trick that you can do with two cigarettes.

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