I have cut down on smoking: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has often stated, “Apart from smoking, I do not think I have any other bad habit.” The chain-smoker acknowledges that smoking is injurious to health. He has tried every trick in the book to quit smoking, and his latest promise was to kick that butt after “Don 2” has released. A book on how to quit smoking has helped Hrithik Roshan quit this dangerous addiction and he has reportedly passed on the book to Bobby Deol, Sanjay Dutt, and others. But SRK seems to be far from the goal.

He admits that he feels guilty when people ask him when he will quit smoking all the time. He first took a vow on “World No Tobacco Day” and then reiterated it during the promotions of “RA.One.”

Now SRK wants to start working out and get into a healthier regime. One hopes that his current jaded and wizened look gives way with the dumping of the poison stick and — most important — his increasing his quota of sleep. Three to four hours of sleep are ultra-dangerous when it’s happening for years, intentionally.

Shah Rukh Khan has now finally claims that he has cut down on smoking drastically.

”From 70-80 cigarettes a day, I smoke three to four times. I feel healthy and happy. Smoking is bad and a no-no for a person with back pain,” King Khan said who had undergone a spine surgery few years ago.

On his 40th birthday recently SRK had declared that he would give up smoking. ”As a role model, I have been always saying that smoking is bad. I have decided to give up smoking because it is my individual decision and resolve. I always tell the youth that do not do things what your parents say is bad,” he said.

We wonder if Shah Rukh has given electronic cigarettes a thought? Ofcourse we wish Shah Rukh the best in his strive to give up nicotine altogether. But his smoking records have also shown us that every time he vows to give up smoking, he discovers his only defeater. Maybe our Shah Rukh should switch to electric cigarettes and then quit smoking gradually. If e-cigs work on most people, Shahrukh should be no different.

Considering that he has 2 small children, he really should be vaping an e-cigarette while he challenges his will power.



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