Just How Good Are Electronic Cigarettes These Days?

Anyone considering trying e-cigarettes needs to weigh up how good are e cigarettes, and then ask exactly what they are looking for? If you’re thinking of using e cigs as a substitute for your usual tobacco smoking, then e cigs could be a very useful option. E-cigarettes contain a similar proportion of nicotine to usual cigarettes, but have none of the other ‘poisons’ that conventional cigarettes produce when they are lit. So if you’re judging from a health-wise perspective, then they seem to compare favourably.

But looking at just how good are e cigs can’t be done without looking at how they completely open up the possibilities of tobacco substitution. Smokefree E-cigarettes are available in a wide variety of flavours such as vanilla, cherry and apple, as well as a range of enticing tobacco-like brand flavours, similar to smoking a conventional cigarette.

One of the most interesting things about smokefree cigarettes is that the language and habits of smoking can be continued, the physical holding between the fingers, the inhaling and exhaling that you would do with conventional cigarettes. Being able to enjoy those aspects emphasises just how good are e cigs.

Another aspect of just how good are e cigarettes is that you are also able to continue your routines unbroken. Many smokers find the ‘association’ of smoking a cigarette with a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine is the part they missed most, when trying other substitutes. This is heightened by attending social engagements. The e-cigarette has a huge functional role here; you can still go through the motions of the habit, and also experience that nicotine ‘kick’, whilst drinking, or after a meal. But you are avoiding inhaling all of the dangerous muck that cigarettes produce.

And perhaps even more significant is the fact that, as a user of smokefree e-cigarettes, you are not responsible for the anti-social habit of forcing others to passively smoke. The vapour expelled from e cigarettes is not known to be harmful, contains virtually no nicotine, and dissipates quickly. As such, to mark out the huge differences compared to smoking, e-smoking is often referred to as ‘vaping’.

On another front, thinking just how good e-cigs are when you’re worried about remaining addicted, then it is important to realise that nicotine is still present in the e-cig. You are still going to take a small portion of the drug into your system, and nicotine is well known to be addictive. However, there are two important issues you need to realise so you can truly see just how good electronic cigarettes are.

Firstly the amount of nicotine can be less than you would get from a conventional cigarette, you can choose the cartridge’s nicotine concentration, and how long you spend on each cartridge. Secondly, the nicotine inhaled will not be from tobacco smoke, it will be from the e-liquid vapour, which has a simple composition. In contrast, smoke is a much more complex mix and some of its compounds have effects on the brain which enhance the addictive effect of the nicotine. There are no such compounds in e-cigarette vapour.

So how good are smokefree cigarettes sounding now? Obviously it’s up to the individual to decide, but at least now there are tobacco alternatives.

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