Long-term smokers choose e-cigarettes

A study has found that electronic cigarettes are becoming the choice of many long-term smokers.

E-cigs typically consist of a cigarette-shaped device with a battery, a heating element and a cartridge containing propylene glycol and nicotine. Users puff on the mouthpiece to activate a circuit that heats the atomizer and produces a vapour. The users then inhale.

But Penn State College of Medicine researchers suggest medical providers should continue to encourage more traditional smoking cessation methods.

The researchers investigated this growing phenomenon through a survey of 104 long-term e-cigarette users.

The study found that 78 per cent of long-term users were no longer using tobacco and planned on using their e-cig instead, and only 8 per cent were using the most widely marketed style of cigarette-shaped e-cigs.

Most had learned that these do not deliver adequate nicotine and had used online forums and personal experience to find out which types of e-cigs deliver a satisfying effect capable of keeping them off real cigarettes.

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