New York Times Article Lends Support To Electronic Cigarettes

A great article published in the New York Times this week lent itsmany studies performed that show electronic cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes while debunking studies that have suggested e-cigs are harmful. The article begins with the well-known facts concerning the difficulties of smoking cessation. It then references a study performed at the University of Catania with 40 hard core smokers that switched to e-cigs. 50% of the test subjects reduced their cigarette consumption over six months while 25% stopped smoking altogether.

Many credible sources such as the Boston University School of Public Health, American Association of Public Health Physicians, American Council on Science and Health and the Royal College of Physicians in Brittan have all supported the use of electronic cigarettes.

Dr. Seigel, a professor at the Boston University of Public Health was quoted as stating, “It boggles my mind why there is a bias against e-cigarettes among antismoking groups. The article paraphrases him by stating, “He added that it made no sense to fret about hypothetical risks from minuscule levels of several chemicals in e-cigarettes when the alternative is known to be deadly: cigarettes containing thousands of chemicals, including dozens of carcinogens and hundreds of toxins.

“Electronic cigarettes are the most effective and least harmful substitute to smoking known to man. E-cigs are the most fascinating and remarkable technological breakthrough contributing to anti lung cancer today.”

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