Nightclub Fun with Electronic Cigarettes!

Who hasn’t loved the combination of cigarette smoking and drinking a favorite alcoholic beverage? Everyone remembers those crazy, hazy days of smoking perhaps as much as an entire pack of cigarettes in a single night when out at the nightclubs. With the cigarette bans in public places that have become so much a part of our society these days, it’s no wonder we now find that electric cigarettes are infiltrating the nightclub scene with some rather visually stunning electronic lighting effects.

When electronic cigarettes aren’t being bandied about by the regulars at the local bar or nightclub, and you cant find an e-cig retailer, then the best way to get your hands on one is by buying them on-site, especially when you are otherwise oppressed by the ban on traditional cigarettes. What a great excuse to just get off of tobacco cigarettes and quit smoking them altogether?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll understand exactly why their popularity has been booming.

High atop the list of reasons is the cost! A night out clubbing with friends would easily result in blowing through a pack of conventional cigarettes. Nowadays, that’s around Rs100. And if the clubs don’t close at 2:00AM, you’re likely to smoke a lot more! A single e-cigarette cartridge, the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, will probably run you about Rs 20. The money saved by smoking the
e cigarette will get you another mixed drink or a couple of beers. Win-win!

You don’t have to take your sweaty ass outside in the freezing cold to get your dose of nicotine. This assumes it’s even an option since many clubs won’t allow you to re-enter, particularly if there is a long line of people waiting at the door to get in!

Though you might get a second glance from non-smokers, you can generally expect that e-cigs are accepted by smokers and non-smokers just the same. Without the risks associated with second hand smoke that we understand is a part of smoking tobacco cigarettes, everyone can have a good time without the same health risks that once existed in clubs filled with choking cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes are not a fire or burn hazard. Since there are no lighters, no flames, and no smoldering tobacco – fire marshals and building owners everywhere can breath a smoke-free sigh of relief in knowing that the risks associated with the club burning down or a patron having what little clothing they’re wearing set ablaze are practically nil.

They help break the ice with a prospective date night target, women and men alike! Everywhere I’ve gone with my electric cigarette, conversation starts quickly and easily. If you’ve ever been in a darkened night club with all of the different colored LED tips fired up, it’s pretty visually stimulating, too.

So, charge up your electronic cigarette before you head out for an evening of club-hopping. You can expect to come home without stinking like a week-old ashtray. And if you don’t stink like a week-old ashtray, your chances of coming home with a new found friend are even greater, too. Enjoy your e-cigarette!

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