Easiest Way To Quit Smoking

‘I Quit’ said no smoker ever! Why are they not ready to give up smoking when they are well aware of the ill effects of smoking like cancer, tuberculosis and many other respiratory diseases? The fact is, almost every smoker … Continue reading

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Smoke the Better Way With SMOKEFREE

‘Smoking is injurious to health’ this is one sentence that every smoker must have heard at least once. With all the NGOs coming together against smoking all across the world, it is becoming more and more difficult for a smoker … Continue reading

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“No More Disgusting Ash Trays With E-Cigarettes!” says girl-next-door

“Is smoking becoming a hassle for you? No one wants to quit smoking, but it seems to be harder and harder to be a smoker these days. You really can’t take out a cigarette and smoke anywhere anymore. You can’t smoke in the bar anymore, and that was once a sacred ritual. You can’t go to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a couple of cigarettes with your favorite brew. And when you are working and you want to have a smoke, you will have to go outside and smoke a cigarette outside of the office, no matter the weather. It really is become a pain to be a smoker. Also, let’s not forget that it is become so expensive to smoke as well, with the price of cigarettes increasing every year it seems.
However, there is a solution that is perfect for you if you are a smoker that has no intention of quitting. Electronic cigarettes are the future of smoking. The first thing that you need to know is that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere, because they do not burn. You are getting your nicotine fix though, don’t worry about that. When you puff on an electronic cigarette, you inhale a vapor that contains nicotine, so will not be missing out on the craving for nicotine. However, you will not be getting any of the other nasty stuff that comes with smoking cigarettes. You know all of the tar that you take in when smoking real cigarettes – the stuff that clogs your arteries and your lungs? Well, you are not getting any of that when you are smoking electronic cigarettes.

However, it feels like you are smoking a real cigarette. You put it up to your lips, and you inhale the nicotine. You can smoke electric cigarettes everywhere and anywhere. You can smoke them at the bar, at the airport, even at your desk at work. That is because they do not emit any smoke. Also, they are completely odorless. Not only is that good for the people around you and for your home, but that is also beneficial for you, because you can be smoking all day and you will not smell like smoke at all.

The greatest health benefit of smoking e-cigarettes is that you are not taking in any of the nasty tar that comes with real cigarettes. You are also not inhaling any of the thousands of other harmful chemicals that are found in real cigarettes. But you are getting that nicotine that your body craves and loves. It lets you smoke anywhere, it is healthier for you, and it will save you tons of money – what’s not to like?

I had some friends over this weekend to watch football, eat pizza, get fat, you know, guy stuff. While I don’t allow anyone to smoke in the house, (unless they are smoking vapor cigarettes) it creates quite a scene outside and with the light rain coming in it was kind of funny watching my friends smoke away and get a little bit wet while the vaping crew was inside enjoying good weather and just having at it with our electronic cigarettes. It’s sure nice to be able to not miss a single snap of the football game, AND get a simulated smoking experience that is comfortable. Not to mention my leather couches stay intact with vapor cigarettes and I don’t have to worry about the smell lingering around.

Here is a photo of just what I do NOT miss from the past when we used to smoke only traditional cigarettes.

I don’t miss this. Not one bit. Even if I had a cleaning crew come in after a party, this is not something I like. It’s just gross and I cant’ stand the way the smell lingers around. It’s so nice having e cigarettes, they truly are a joy and make cleaning up after a big party much easier. I can say that post-party clean-up is a cinch with the cigarette e cigarette. You can honestly not worry about any stains, smells, or holes in furniture if you can get your guests smoking e cigarettes.

I’ve found that it also helps people stay congregated in the house and more social. When people go outside in the midst of partying, it creates separation, and conversations go lost. It’s just not fun when people are always getting up to go out and do something else. E cigaretes solve all of this, and they create a good way to remain social, keep the party going, and right now, with so few people actually knowing about them, it’s a good way to create conversation. E cigarettes have changed my life, and they could change yours.

E-cig companies dont just sell electronic cigarettes. They sell freedom. Buy electronic cigarette today. “

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Electronic Cigarettes Proven as One of the Most Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

To quit smoking is well-known to be one of the most difficult endeavors a person can do. Throughout history, people have struggled to kick the habit, but finally in the 21st century, a new and extremely safe and effective method has been developed. Electronic Cigarettes (e cigarettes) have been helping thousands of people stop smoking by creating a safe alternative.

Electronic cigarettes create no tar, ash or smoke. Because there is no flame and burning, electric cigarettes are much safer to use, and offer the user the freedom to enjoy “vaping” anywhere – airports, bars, hotels and restaurants. Lack of tar and other toxins keep the teeth from turning yellow and lungs from being damaged.
With the trend that more and more people start to give up smoking, a lot of people are seeking for healthy ways of smoking instead of real cigarette. Thus, electronic cigarette is attracting more and more attentions and accepted by people. Through the analysis of electronic cigarette’s components by many countries’ inspection department, they make a conclusion that e-cigarette is much healthier than real cigarette. Until now, e-cigarette is getting more and more popular in USA, UK and some other European countries; it begins to be sold in supermarkets, not only through the internet.

Duplicating the look and feel of smoking a cigarette, even down to a glowing red tip, e cigarettes are a sophisticated nicotine delivery system, that eliminate the carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco. Electronic cigarettes create no tar, ash or smoke. Because there is no flame and burning, electric cigarettes are much safer to use, and offer the user the freedom to enjoy “vaping” anywhere – airports, bars, hotels and restaurants. Lack of tar and other toxins keep the teeth from turning yellow and lungs from being damaged.

Sometimes called vapor cigarettes,the  ecig work by superheating a replaceable cartridge that delivers a dose of nicotine in the form of water vapor, frequently flavored with chocolate, vanilla and cherry flavors as well as traditional tobacco and menthol. The “smoker’s” body absorbs the nicotine and exhales a harmless water vapor similar to the smoke from a burning cigarette but without the chemicals, carcinogens and second-hand risk to friends and loved ones. Ecigs have no known health risks.

James Kenton from Pittsburg, PA said, “I made the switch to cigarette e cigarette and it is the best decision I have ever made. I feel great and am not waking up congested or short of breath anymore. My family is very proud of me and so am I. I no longer smell like an ashtray and do not have to worry about the smell bothering my son when I am holding him. My wife also seems to want to get a little closer to me more often also. I am so thankful for the creation of e-cigarettes.”

Electronic cigarettes create no tar, ash or smoke. Because there is no flame and burning, electric cigarettes are much safer to use, and offer the user the freedom to enjoy “vaping” anywhere – airports, bars, hotels and restaurants. Lack of tar and other toxins keep the teeth from turning yellow and lungs from being damaged.

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Electronic Cigarette – the Trendy Way to Smoke

Cigarettes have dozens of cancer causing chemicals in each one, as a smoker you are more likely to develop over 14 different types of cancer, and damage nearly every part of your body. Smoking cigarettes can also cause strokes, cataracts, periodontitis, and coronary heart disease. Plus second hand smoke can even harm the people around you that don’t smoke, both the smoke coming off of your cigarette and the smoke you exhale after smoking are dangerous; although there is no conclusive evidence yet, scientists believe that the smoke left on a person’s (smokers and non smokers alike) clothing, skin or hair could have cancer causing effects over a period of time.

With the ecig, the risk factor has lessened and the atmosphere is pollution free. Smokers are in general relaxed. People are abandoning the old smoking methods. Majority of the people are going in for new type of cigarettes. North America has a vast market. Soon the world will follow its footsteps. The traditional way of smoking involves damages in the lungs, tooth stains, and cost. Passive smokers resist the idea altogether.

A battery powered cigarette is an electronic cigarette. Nicotine dose is given by a vaporized liquid. It is an improvement over the cigars and cigarettes that are smoked. A smoker relishes these cigarettes the same way as he does the traditional one minus the smoke. It is cleaner without the smell. It is similar to that of an elongated tube. A few look like cigars and cigarettes. It is superior to the normal style of smoking. A popular design is the pen style. The look is similar to a ball point pen.

The parts of the cigarettes are reusable and they can be refilled. Some of these cigarettes are disposable and can be disposed. The cartridge system is like a sieve. They can separate the chemicals that enter our body. One can enjoy without being anxious about the health factor. The much coveted nicotine kick is however not missing in these cigarettes. Moreover it is not accompanied by the ensuing health hazards when you are in the process of smoking cigars. The fittest way to smoke is with the new cigarette e cigarette. You will not miss out the fun and at the same time your health will remain protected.

The technology used by these cigarettes is a cutting edge one. There is no need for lighters and ashes. Flavors of the kind as mint and tobacco are preferred by the people more than the regular cigarettes. They enjoy these flavors to a large extent. It is cheaper than normal cigarettes. People around are not bothered by the smell but some are allergic as well. They strongly oppose smoking. Electric cigarette actually repays the money spent on it. You redeem the money fast. You do not end up paying to the cigarette companies. Also, regular cigarettes become an expensive affair if you are a regular smoker.

People choose to quit smoking for many different reasons, others justify starting back up for many reasons. Some of the reasons people quit are for health, to save money, and/or to live a healthier lifestyle. Various ways to quit smoking such as nicotine replacement therapy, prescription medications, and even homeopathic therapies include hypnotism. Which ever way a person decides to quit smoking the most important tool in their possession is willpower; no one ever quits smoking that isn’t committed to doing so. Buy electronic cigarette at www.smokefree.in.


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