The Unmatched Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

There is a new kind of cigarette that you may have heard about from friends or seen in online ads. I am speaking of course about the electronic cigarette (or e cigarette for short). So just what exactly is an e cigarette, anyway? Basically, an electronic cigarette is a personal vaporizer. It consists of a rechargeable battery which resembles the tobacco end of a cigarette, an atomizer, and a nicotine cartridge which looks like the butt end of the cigarette. It looks like a real cigarette, feels like a real cigarette, and tastes like a real cigarette. You simply puff on the end just like you would with a real cigarette, and the atomizer goes to work, releasing a smoke like vapor containing nicotine and flavor. All without the need for combustion.

The first and probably most important distinguishing characteristic between an electronic cigarette and a traditional cigarette is that unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have absolutely no tobacco. Because of this, electronic cigarettes are not effected by tobacco laws. This means you can smoke them in many places traditional cigarettes are banned. This makes them a lot more convenient than regular cigarettes. And since they are also not effected by tobacco taxes, electronic cigarettes are considerably cheaper than real cigarettes. One more advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they also bypass the new federal ban on flavored cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which now only come in regular and menthol, e cigarettes are freely available in every flavor from cherry and vanilla to java. Just look online for infinite flavor choices. Electronic cigarettes also come in many strengths from full, all the way to zero nicotine. Even though the ecig is not being suggested as a quit smoking device, being able to buy them nicotine free may reduce your dependance on smoking all together.

When you smoke the electronic cigarette, you are not emitting second hand smoke. The ‘smoke’ that is created from the electronic cigarette is nothing but a harmless vapor mist. For this reason, it is allowed in almost any place, including smoke free restaurants and even hospitals. You also do not ever have to worry about lectures about lung cancer since the electronic cigarette does not contain tar, tobacco, or harmful chemicals. There are even nicotine cartridges available that have vitamins in them!

This cigarette is pretty easy to figure out. It is a Plastic cigarette that appears to be a real cigarette. It even lights up red at the tip when you take a puff on it. The secret is a small rechargable battery that creates a vapor mist and lights up the tip every time you take a puff. In the filter of the cigarette is a compartment to put a nicotine cartridge in. Every time you smoke the electronic cigarette you get your regular dose of nicotine and blow out the vapor mist that appears to be smoke. This cigarette is the solution for those states that have began banning cigarettes.

This is a wonderful solution to smoking that solves every problem associated with it. Smoking the electronic cigarette provides the regular fix of nicotine without all of the harmful side effects like cancer, disposal of cigarette butts, rising prices of cigarettes, and second hand smoke. You can even go healthy with vitamin filled nicotine packs. It is so convenient that you can smoke at any time, in any place, without a lighter orn ashtray. The only thing you have to think about is keeping the cigarette charged with the chargers that are sold with it. With such a convenient and healthy breakthrough, there is no reason not to invest in an electronic cigarette and quit smoking. Buy electronic cigarette at


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Do you get the same amount of nicotine from e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as many people refer to them, offer up a lot of advantages when comparing them to regular cigarettes. You get a lot of advantages, but without losing out on the ritual that is smoking. They still look like a real cigarette and you do the same thing – put them to your mouth and take a drag. You still get your nicotine fix that you crave, but you also get a lot of added benefits along with the cherished nicotine that smokers cannot live without.

Even though you get your dose of nicotine, you are not getting many of the other harmful components of smoking real cigarettes. Most importantly, you are not inhaling the perhaps thousands of other harmful chemicals that you inhale with each drag of a normal cigarette. You are also not getting that nasty tar into your body. This tar sticks to your lungs and arteries and clogs them up, leading to serious health problems.

For smokers who crave this nicotine fix, the ecig is a way to get that while avoid many of the other negative aspects of smoking real cigarettes.
You are also avoiding the smell of smoke, because an electronic cigarette does not burn and it does not emit smoke into the atmosphere. You are not inhaling smoke; you are inhaling a vapor that has nicotine in it. This not only means that it doesn’t smell like real cigarettes smell, it also means that you are allowed to smoke anywhere you like.

As you know, smoking is pretty much prohibited everywhere. You can’t go to the bar and smoke at the bar while having a drink, you can’t have a cigarette after a meal at your table in a restaurant, and you can’t drink a coffee at a coffee shop with a real cigarette in hand. You can do all of this with an e-cigarette, because there is no smoking coming from it and polluting the atmosphere around you. It really is a great solution for people who are sick of not being able to smoke anywhere.

It will also save you a lot of money in the end. If you take the money that you need to buy real cigarettes for a week, you can spend the same amount of money to buy your e-cigarette and nicotine cartridges that will last you almost twice as long. Considering that the price of real cigarettes keeps increasing and that you are spending a fortune on them, you will probably be able to save thousands of dollars a year by switching to electronic cigarettes. It really is a perfect solution to quit smoking, and with so many things going for electronic cigarettes, there is no reason for you to not give them a shot at least and see whether or not you like them. Buy electronic cigarettes at



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How do electronic cigarettes work if there is no smoke?

A lot of people are confused by electronic cigarettes, because they cannot understand how you are able to get your nicotine is there is no smoke and no burning involved. It is a bit of a complicated process, but essentially, there is a system inside the electronic cigarettes that gives you a vapor to inhale when you take a drag from it, and that is where the nicotine is found. When you buy an electronic cigarette, it is not like regular ones, because you are not buying a pack and then throwing out each cigarette after you smoke it. You are essentially always using the same cigarette, or a few of cigarettes, and just changing and refilling the cartridges once you are done with them.

Many people who have switched to electronic cigarettes will tell you that they are saving themselves a lot of money this way. Some people even say that smoking regular cigarettes costs double the price when compared to smoking electric cigarettes. These savings are substantial, and this is one of many other reasons that so many people quit smoking.

But one of the most important reasons to at least consider switching to electronic cigarettes is because they are healthier than regular ones. They are not safe, because nothing that has nicotine can be considered safe, but they are healthier in just about every other way. Since there is no smoke coming out of the ecig and you are not inhaling any smoke, you are not inhaling the nasty chemicals that come along with this smoke. You are also avoiding the intact of tar, which is what clogs the arteries and creates problems in the lungs as well. This tar is one of the main things that lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems that are associated with smoking. When you switch to electronic cigarettes, you will not have to worry about that anymore.

Another great advantage is that since there is no smoke, there is also no smell. So you can get all of the nicotine you need and crave into your system during the day, and you will never have o worry about smelling like an ashtray anymore. Your hair, clothes, breathe and living space will no longer smell like smoke and when you talk to people after smoking e-cigarettes, they will probably not even be able to tell that you are a smoker. There really are tons of advantages to smoking electronic cigarettes if you really think about it.

You can save a lot of money if you buy electronic cigarette, you can keep unhealthy toxins, chemicals and tar out of your body, and you can make sure that you and your surroundings never smell like smoke again. You can do all this without ever having to abandon the nicotine that you crave.



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The Social Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

A tobacco cigarette smoker is not only endangering his own health but also putting the lives of others at risk. Furthermore as smoking is banned in most public places and is frowned upon by non-smokers, a person addicted to smoking now finds it hard to adjust and be socially acceptable.

That’s where the electronic cigarette comes in. These devices are made to simulate the feelings associated with smoking an actual cigarette, while protecting you from the adverse effects of tobacco and all its constituents.

The reason smoking is banned in public places is that non-smokers are also adversely affected by the harmful substances through passive smoking. As the harmful effects of tobacco smoke are well documented, letting smokers put the health of others on the line is just no longer feasible. Hence smoking tobacco cigarettes is now banned in many public.

By using the ecig instead, you can get your nicotine fix without compromising your social life. They are not considered a threat to the health of the public therefore their use in public areas is perfectly legal.

As electronic cigarette are legal to use everywhere you go, you do not have to worry about missing important stuff anymore just because you needed a smoke. You can eat at a restaurant and use it or have one while watching the latest blockbuster without breaking being thrown out.

This is all because these devices do not contain tobacco, and aren’t actually lit. However, just because they aren’t illegal, doesn’t mean you can use them anywhere. It’s always best to check with the staff before using your cigarette e cigarette.

The electronic cigarette can help you quit smoking once and for all. They are an important first step, removing the chemicals that are injurious to your health. You can either remove nicotine completely from your “diet” or restrict yourself to electronic cigarettes. Either way is going to offer significant health benefits.

The deterioration of health brought about by smoking tobacco cigarettes can be gradually reversed by using these electronic alternatives. This can have a tremendously positive impact on your life. Not only will you be increasing your life expectancy, but you’ll also be able to spend a lot more time with your friends and family than you did before.

Quitting can be a traumatic experience for a variety of reasons. That’s why it is advisable to take it slow rather than taking the plunge too quickly and risk having a relapse.

That makes electronic cigarettes a crucial stepping stone on the path to total freedom from tobacco. Using them means you will not have to face the stress of giving up cigarettes right away, and not risk severe withdrawal.

We know that swift withdrawal of nicotine can have a severe effect on the body. That’s why doctors prefer to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine a smoker takes, so the body adapts gradually to the difference.

Whether you want to quit smoking altogether, or just stop using tobacco, to buy electronic cigarette is an ideal idea for the job.


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What are the health benefits of smoking e-cigarettes?

Is smoking becoming a hassle for you? No one wants to quit smoking, but it seems to be harder and harder to be a smoker these days. You really can’t take out a cigarette and smoke anywhere anymore. You can’t smoke in the bar anymore, and that was once a sacred ritual. You can’t go to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a couple of cigarettes with your favorite brew. And when you are working and you want to have a smoke, you will have to go outside and smoke a cigarette outside of the office, no matter the weather. It really is become a pain to be a smoker. Also, let’s not forget that it is become so expensive to smoke as well, with the price of cigarettes increasing every year it seems.

However, there is a solution that is perfect for you if you are a smoker that has no intention of quitting. Electronic cigarettes are the future of smoking. The first thing that you need to know is that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere, because they do not burn. You are getting your nicotine fix though, don’t worry about that. When you puff on an electronic cigarette, you inhale a vapor that contains nicotine, so will not be missing out on the craving for nicotine. However, you will not be getting any of the other nasty stuff that comes with smoking cigarettes. You know all of the tar that you take in when smoking real cigarettes – the stuff that clogs your arteries and your lungs? Well, you are not getting any of that when you are smoking electronic cigarettes.

However, it feels like you are smoking a real cigarette. You put it up to your lips, and you inhale the nicotine. You can smoke the ecig everywhere and anywhere. You can smoke them at the bar, at the airport, even at your desk at work. That is because they do not emit any smoke. Also, they are completely odorless. Not only is that good for the people around you and for your home, but that is also beneficial for you, because you can be smoking all day and you will not smell like smoke at all.

The greatest health benefit of smoking electronic cigarettes is that you are not taking in any of the nasty tar that comes with real cigarettes. You are also not inhaling any of the thousands of other harmful chemicals that are found in real cigarettes. But you are getting that nicotine that your body craves and loves.
However, it should be stated that e-cigarettes are in no way safe. You are still inhaling nicotine and getting nicotine into your body. Nicotine is a harmful chemical and a highly addictive substance, no matter how you look at it. But the cigarette e cigarette does let you enjoy your nicotine in a much more convenient way. It lets you smoke anywhere, it is healthier for you, and it will save you tons of money – what’s not to like? Buy electronic cigarette today at

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