Why Electronic Cigarettes are Receiving Celebrity Endorsement!

Ever wonder why electronic cigarettes are receiving endorsements from big name celebs including Charlie Sheen, Katherine Heigl and Trace Cyrus? Simple enough surely! The electronic cigarette lets you smoke without any of the bad effects.

No horrendous pollutants in the smoke! No burned lungs! No cancer! Nothing except the nicotine hit, which is already in your life if you’re a smoker so there’s no detriment there that wasn’t there already.

The basic point of the electric cigarette is this: You can use them to stop killing yourself if you are already a smoker. Claims that electric cigarettes or ecigarettes are encouraging children to smoke are as ludicrous as claims that cigarettes encourage kids to smoke. You either will or you won’t, same as alcoholism and addiction to heroin. There are probably more people addicted to nicotine than any other substance in the world – except possibly caffeine, the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug.

So, the ecig takes the nicotine addict and puts him or her in a place where he or she can kick the habit in a socially acceptable way. That’s really important and probably a big reason for the celebrity endorsements that the smokefree cigarettes are getting. When you can kick your habits in public you stand a much greater chance to quit smoking for good.

It’s a psychological thing: Addictions are shameful (except caffeine addiction and mild alcoholism apparently) and should be hidden. So when you bring nicotine addiction out into the open by endorsing electronic cigarettes, you give people a chance to stand up and say “Hey, I’m addicted to nicotine but I’m doing something about it”.

The health benefits of ecigarettes are clear when you draw parallels between consumption of E smoke (it is actually a nicotine vapor with glycol particles in it) and inhalation of actual tobacco smoke.

Even second hand inhalation of tobacco smoke can do serious damage to your health. Indeed, tobacco smoke is so poisonous that it can kill some young animals. Kurt Vonnegut, a heavy smoker himself, once pointed out that smoking was the only “socially acceptable form of suicide”.

These days smoking is not a socially acceptable form of suicide. It’s about as non socially acceptable as you can get and still be legal. Which is why the advent of the electronic cigarette is a boon to every nicotine addict in the world. Because smoking once was socially acceptable it is visible and easy to treat. Smokeless cigarettes ensure that the addict can stop committing suicide in a socially acceptable fashion, by drawing down that e-smoke and weaning himself or herself off of the cancer sticks.

Once you start using smokeless cigarettes, you can control your nicotine dosage. Make it gradually smaller and you can become completely nicotine free at your leisure. There’s no longer the same time pressure as when you try to wean yourself off cigarettes by decreasing your intake. The electronic cigarette is so healthy, compared to the tobacco alternative, that you can wean yourself off after years with no ill effects. Indeed, while you are smoking e-cigarettes instead of tobacco, you will be healing from all the harmful smoke effects anyway.

Electronic cigarettes are receiving celebrity endorsements because to buy electronic cigarette is a good thing. It takes one of the world’s largest visible addict populations and makes them feel that they can give up their addiction in public, in a socially acceptable way. Cigarettes are a boon that should be celebrated and promoted.

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Smokefree Finds Niche Market amongst Smokers in Kerela

Electronic cigarette,” a battery-powered device that uses heat to vaporise liquid nicotine stored in its internal reservoir, seems to have found a niche market among a section of smokers in Kerala.

The plastic gadget resembles a cigarette and has a red light-emitting diode at one end to simulate the flickering and glowing tip of a real one while smoking. The device produces a bluish vapour that resembles cigarette smoke. It promises to give the feeling of smoking a cigarette sans the tar.

In Thiruvananthapuram, the device, paradoxically dubbed “smokefree health cigarette,” is sold for not less than Rs. 2,000 apiece in a locality known for its thriving contraband goods and pirated film market.

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has popularised the use of “e-cigarettes” among a section of urban youth through his 2010 movie Tourist.

Traders say most of their customers buy the device for the stated purpose of to “quit smoking.”A businessman who prefers e-cigarette to regular ones, says it is “convenient.”

“You don’t need matchsticks and can light up anywhere. You can take a drag and drop it into your pocket without the fear of burning a hole in it. You can smoke it on trains and buses and in cinemas and escape from being pulled up. And it works out cheaper in the long run,” he says.

Drug enforcers and Customs officials say e-cigarettes available in black market are made in China and sourced chiefly from the Gulf.

The products carry no statutory anti-tobacco health warning scrolls on them. In fact, they are sold in covers, the writing on which claims that “ecig is good for health.”

Law enforcers say the product, sold as a packaged commodity in electronic goods and lifestyle shops, does not carry the maximum retail price or the name and address of the producer or packer.

Drug enforcers say the health effects of e-cigarettes are yet to be quantified.

The Supreme Court ban on orally ingested tobacco products and the “exorbitant” price of prohibitively taxed Indian cigarettes seems to have pushed the sale of e-cigarettes.

A schoolteacher says e-cigarettes are steadily becoming a fad among well-heeled higher secondary and college students. “It is first a curiosity and soon a habit. Use of cigarette e cigarette can lead impressionable teenagers to more serious addictions,” he notes.

A drug enforcer says e-cigarettes can easily be tweaked to smoke marijuana, heroin or hashish.

Officials say “Door-to-door,” an unauthorised courier system widely relied on by Gulf-based migrant workers to send packages home at less than air freight rates, is being used to smuggle such devices and regular contraband cigarettes into the State in trade quantities.

Customs officials say the little-known foreign cigarette brands of dubious quality are retailed on the street at far lower prices than those of Indian-made cigarettes.

The racket costs the government crores of rupees annually in terms of Customs and excise duty. Buy electronic cigarette at www.smokefree.in.


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Smokefree Cigarettes: A Boon For Tobacco Addicts

Its well known to all that necessity is the mother of all inventions. So in the case of the e-cigarette, the necessity of tobacco smokers to turn to a safer mode of smoking led to the invention of the smokefree electronic cigarette. To start with people smoked for fun and fashion, but gradually the fun turned into a bad and dangerous habit. Soon, their neuron-systems could not tolerate a day without nicotine.

The need for tobacco by tobacco smoker’s bodies has made them prone to many diseases including those affecting the lungs, heart and respiratory system. There are many smokers who end up to be cancer patients, a large amount suffer from lung cancer. The physical condition of smokers can degrade so much that the need for hospitalization due to the the effects is almost to be expected sooner or later.

Tobacco smoking not only degrades the health of smokers, it can also decrease their life span by causing deadly diseases like cancer and tumours. Second hand smoke taken in by those around smokers also causes disease. This is taken so seriously that in many countries smoking in public places like the workplace, railway stations, restaurants, bars and cinema halls is considered a punishable crime.

Smoking can also affect our social lives. Apart from the health hazard of secondhand smoke for those around us, non smokers often hate being close to the smell of smokers and tobacco smoking leaves a yellow colour on the fingers which looks ugly.

Enter The Electronic Cigarette

The smokeless or ecig comes as a boon for the addicted. This timely invention is a safer option for smokers who do not want to or cannot quit smoking and in many cases has acted as an aid for stopping smoking through nicotine replacement.


Electronic cigs are kits which can be carried anywhere without any prohibition and restriction, though it is a bit tactless to smoke them in public places. No fumes come from them, only vapour and they do not stink like tobacco cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes certainly carry less risks than traditional smoking products. Apart from being safer for your own health, the most important is that there is absolutely no risk from second hand smoke to those around you.

There is no risk of fires being started by a tab or hot ash when you smoke an e-cig, they won’t burn holes in your clothes either.

You don’t need to use an ashtray, nor do you have to clean disgusting smelly ashtrays out.

Apart from being safer the cigarette e cigarette also works out cheaper to buy than tobacco products and you don’t need to pay for lighters and matches – making them a safer saver! Buy electronic cigarette at www.smokefree.in.

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The 3 Best Reasons to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette suppliers are becoming more common. It’s now quite easy for an e-smoker just to run an on-line search and purchase directly from an electronic cigarette supplier. You don’t have to worry about international shipments or lengthy arrival times – just purchase directly with a credit card or an on-line payment processor and your e cigs will be shipped directly to your doorstep. E cig stores are widely available, but if you’re having trouble making up your mind about whether or not you should start smoking the ecig, here are 3 reasons to consider before starting.

1. Financial benefits

Tobacco cigarettes cost a large amount of money. If you are a serious tobacco smoker you may have to spend up to several thousand pounds every year to keep up with your smoking habit. Even if you smoke less than a pack per day, you’re already spending quite a bit. E Cig cartridges can help you to save a lot of money that you probably would have ended up spending on harmful tobacco cigarettes. An e cig cartridge containing almost the same smoking value as a pack of 20 will cost you around Rs 20 in most cases. On the other hand, a pack of tobacco cigarettes can easily cost upwards of Rs 100 pounds these days. Comparing options, it is easy to see that e-cigarette smoking is a far more financially sensible option.


2. Lower health risks

Few smokers want to take the time to understand just how dangerous a smoking addiction can be. Almost everyone knows the dangers of getting lung cancer and oral cancer, but less people are aware that cigarettes contain a bunch of chemicals that could cause other damages as well. In fact, many cigarette brands contain over 4000 chemicals, and many of these are toxic and extremely dangerous to human health. However, these chemicals are not contained within e cig cartridges, so you won’t have to worry about harming your health if you choose to smoke e cigarettes. There are far fewer chemicals to worry about and you can even smoke e cigarettes that do not contain any nicotine. Electric cigarettes are quite clearly the healthier option, and they provide a suitable alternative to dangerous tobacco cigarettes.

3. Fewer environmental damages

Electronic cigarettes can be used over and over again, while tobacco cigarettes are typically discarded. Electronic cigarettes do not harm the environment with carbon monoxide or the release of other chemicals into the atmosphere, so you can rest assured that they are an environmentally friendly option. You should consider smoking them instead of tobacco cigarettes if you feel like lowering your carbon footprint.


Electronic cigarettes provide a wide range of benefits to the user. If you have been searching for alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, the e cig models can provide you with exactly what you have been looking for. E-cigarettes are safe to use, safe for those around you, and they cost a lot less than tobacco cigarette e cigarette. Why put yourself through the trouble of forking out extra pounds to support a dangerous smoking addiction when electronic cigarettes are widely available as a truly viable alternative to quit smoking? Buy electronic cigarette at www.smokefree.in.

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More than half of Britain’s smokers will have switched to e-cigs by 2017

British smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes at an unprecedented rate according to figures released by the UK’s biggest manufacturer. Electronic cigarettes have been available in the UK for over five years but it’s the last two years that have seen the fastest growth, with around 8,000 smokers who quit smoking every month.

That still means only 250,000 of the UK’s £10m smokers are now electronic. However, at the current rate of growth, the UK is on target for half of Britain’s smokers to have made the switch within five years. In fact, one major retail chain reports that nine per cent of all its smoking sales are now electronic.”

A news survey reveals that health is NOT the chief reason why smokers want to quit the habit. Despite the millions spent on health education programs the 1000-sample survey revealed that 58 per cent rated smell as their chief dislike, followed by bad breath (46 percent). Damage to health was relegated to third place (37 per cent) suggesting that image-conscious Britons care more about their attractiveness to others than their health.

With the average cigarette pack now costing around £7, it’s perhaps unsurprising that 69 per cent of smokers complained about the rising cost of getting their fix. Yet only 13 per cent knew that electric cigarettes are cheaper than normal cigarettes. That’s certainly an awareness factor that needs to be overcome because the ecig is around one quarter of the price, so a typical 20-a-day smoker would save around £200 per month by switching.

E cigarettes provide smokers with a reliable electronic device that’s safer, cleaner, healthier and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, as well as being legally unrestricted for use in public places. The absence of tar, tobacco and other toxins allows E-smokers users to avoid the damaging effects of smoking, while still enjoying a familiar experience of nicotine inhalation. Being free of nasty smells and smoke, the e-cigarette presents no passive smoking issues and are therefore far less objectionable to non-smokers.


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